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The employees and business partners of CG Elementum AG have donated a staggering total of €150,000 to “Wirtschaft kann Kinder e.V.” (WKK) at this year’s Summer Party on September 1, 2022 at Wannseeterrassen in Berlin. They were actively supported by Oliver Kahn with goalie wall shooting, signing live fan articles and a football auction workshop.

Make dreams come true: Children and Youth Facilities and Safe-Hub Berlin receive donations

This generous donation goes to WKK development projects in children and youth facilities in Berlin and in particular to the Safe-Hub educational and sports complex, which is run by the non-profit organization AMANDLA together with the Oliver Kahn Foundation and Knorr-Bremse Global Care e. V. In Berlin a wedding. “Our sports stadium could open late this fall,” says Jakob Schlichtig, Managing Partner of AMANDLA. “In this way, we create a place for the long-term where structurally disadvantaged children and youth are comprehensively supported.” “We give young people the values ​​and social skills to take with them through the power of sport,” adds Oliver Kahn of the Oliver Kahn Foundation. The football education program developed by the Foundation gives young people the opportunity to develop their potential in a safe environment. “We are awakening their skills relevant to the job market so that they can realize their dreams,” says Oliver Kahn.

100 percent of donations go to disadvantaged children and youth

“For us, CSR belongs in a sense, which is why we support those who need it most in our community with our commitment: socially disadvantaged children and youth,” says Christoph Gruner, Chairman and CEO of CG Elementum AG. , the main sponsor of “Economy Can Kids eV”. he is.

Visibly impressed, he thanked his nearly 200 employees and business partners for this wonderful event and their extraordinary willingness to donate to his job as president of the association: “Every euro donated today is a direct contribution to equal opportunity in Germany and reinforces the core idea of ​​’Business can children’ As a platform for entrepreneurs who want to get involved. The social focus of our summer party shows once again how important the association’s strong support is to CG Elementum AG.” 100 percent of all donations go to disadvantaged children and youth, with the association’s operating costs being fully covered by sponsorship.

In addition to donation packages in the form of sponsorships for the Safe-Hub and other children and youth facilities in Berlin, tickets to unusual events not commercially available such as tickets to the Munich Sponsors’ Lounge and the AllianzArena Tour including a meet-and-greet auction at Oliver Kahn’s Summer Concert and concert tickets Charitable “Wirtschaft kann Kinder” on November 26, 2022 in Berlin.

About “Economy for Children eV”. (week)

The association “Wirtschaft kann Kinder” was founded in February 2020. Prof. Rüdiger Groppi and Christoph Groener together. WKK acts as an umbrella organization to support associations, foundations, and other non-profit organizations. Donations go 100 percent to children and youth, with the association’s operating costs being fully covered by sponsorship. The association’s main objective is to promote equal opportunities for all children and young people in Germany, no matter where or how they grow up. Family or financial background still has a huge impact on their career. Committed entrepreneurs want to create perspectives here and invest in Germany’s future together as people, citizens and entrepreneurs – thus making the association’s name a reality: the economy can children! More about the work and projects funded by “Wirtschaft kann Kinder e.V.” under:

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