DAK: “A dramatic development” – Corona policy is making children and young people mentally ill

It is theoretically possible that … it cannot be excluded that … Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) resorts to such auxiliary constructions if he wants to make the headlines of “completely fatal variants” on the one hand, but on the other on the other he wants To present himself as an expert after you want to drive fear, who only indicated the possibilities.

DAK-Gesundheit figures are neither theoretically possible nor entirely excluded, but it is a perfectly obvious, empirical, verifiable fact. As is the case every year, the health insurance company evaluates the data of young insured persons and creates a report for children and young people. The current report focuses on the effects of the pandemic and the numbers are devastating, and the appeal of the DAK chief is urgent.

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“The COVID-19 pandemic, which has lasted for more than 30 months, has a significant potential direct and indirect impact on the health and healthcare of children and young people in Germany,” DAK wrote a diplomat. The “measures accompanying the epidemic” have given rise to “different challenges”: “physical, psychological, social and financial in nature to healthy growth.” The statutory health insurance could never write that the policy of the epidemic caused many children and young people to develop mental illness. But their numbers make it clear.

DAK CEO Andreas Storm is also as clear as a legal fund official can publicly allow: “Open schools are important in the upcoming Corona winter. So is the maintenance of day-to-day structures that provide support, such as sports clubs and facilities for open children and youth businesses.” Children need a safe space. To develop independently and healthily.Verifiable data now shows a “dramatic development.” In addition, affected children and youth need immediate programs and offers of help.

On the other hand, children and young adults went to the doctor at a lower rate in 2021 – as masks become mandatory and G2 rules. The decrease is 5 percent. But at the same time, numbers have exploded in the field of mental disorders, according to a DAK report:

  • Morbid obesity increased by 15% in boys aged 15-17 years.
  • 23 percent more recently diagnosed with depression in girls between the ages of 10 and 14.
  • 24 percent more newly diagnosed anxiety disorders are in girls ages 15 to 17.
  • and 54 percent more recently diagnosed eating disorders among girls ages 15 to 17.

In particular, young people between the ages of 15 and 17, who follow the news more often than young adults, are more likely to have anxiety disorders, the DAK reported.

And the “incidence of this disease” increased by 24 percent. The numbers had already increased in this age group in the previous year. Anxiety disorders decreased among young people in 2021. But eating disorders also increased among them – by 33 percent.

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Not only did children and young adults go to the doctor more often in an epidemic year. They were also prescribed fewer medications. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the number of reserve prescriptions for antibiotics has decreased: by 51 percent compared to 2019, the last year before Corona. While the number of prescription drugs has decreased significantly overall, it has increased in the field of drugs that work against mental illness.

The Children and Youth Report 2022 is based on data from nearly 800,000 children and young people up to the age of 17. This corresponds to approximately 6 percent of all children and young people registered in Germany. The cash register assessed the period from 2018 to 2021.

Do you feel like you need helpBe sure to contact the telephone counseling service. Call the toll-free number 0800-1110111 or 0800-1110222 for assistance from counselors who can help with the next steps. There are also offers of help from the German Depression Aid Foundation and the German Association for Suicide Prevention. There is also an online forum – for example at the German Depression Aid Foundation – where those affected can share information.


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