Who is the stranger in the Lord of the Rings series? Why could it be Saruman or Gandalf

Here are the spoilers for the first two episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series from Amazon has finally released, bringing fans back to the world of Middle-earth. In the midst of the epic story and visual explosion, an exciting puzzle is presented at the beginning. We’re not talking about Sauron, we’re talking about the stranger Strange falling from the sky as your meteorites.

Since the first teaser, Middle-earth fans have been at a loss as to what the mysterious meteorite man is all about. Could it be the latest lost form of Sauron? After the first two episodes, we still don’t have a real answer but some clues as to who the weird one really is. We may have already Young Gandalf or Saruman he met.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power hides clues that point to Gandalf and Saruman

In the first episode, a meteorite fell on Middle-earth. In the resulting hole, young bassist Nuri Brandivos (Markella Kavenagh) found one Confused, taciturn and shamefulWho are you taking care of? This character, who is only called The Stranger in the credits (played by Daniel Weyman), clearly has magical powers. It may be so my star an act?

Gandalf and Saruman

Istari are, in short, a group of supreme and deity-like beings from the Tolkien tradition, but most admirers consider them to be Wizard it’s known. Among them are Gandalf and Saruman. A scene in Episode 2 suggests that the Stranger could be a member of Istari Communicating with fireflies. Gandalf had the same gift.

However, the clearest indicator can be found in Amazon series soundtrack. There the stranger has his own very attractive musical theme. This is called a later path wise picked up again. Translated into the one that Tolkien invented kenya language This means: Starry.

all in all Five star members Known in the works of Tolkien. Could the Lord of the Rings series show us the first arrival of Gandalf or Saruman on Middle-earth? There is certainly a certain resemblance to the gray-bearded Gandalf. His subsequent association with the hobbits can be explained by a shared adventure with their ancestor, the harlot.

subordinate wise– The title of the soundtrack with the music theme of the stranger could indicate that in fact it is Young Kurumu aka Saruman, who is not only Saruman the White, but also Gandalf Saruman the Wise It was called.

What does The Stranger say about Gandalf’s theory

In an interview with Moviepilot, Daniel Weyman (of course) didn’t want to confirm the theory. But he loves her:

I like theory. One of the things I like about this character is that theories get bigger and more detailed. Powered by Tolkien Source Materials. It reminds me of how much people care about the material, how much they know it, and how much they feel about it. Of course I can’t talk about it. I don’t want to spoil. But I think viewers will enjoy the journey until they discover this knowledge.

Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings? Who speaks against the theory?

For Lord of the Rings fans out there big butWhich speaks against the theory. Because in the mold by JRR Tolkien, the Istari Only in the third era He was sent to Middle-earth to help the peoples of the continent in the fight against Sauron. However, The Rings of Power is set in the Second Age, long before their arrival.

Watch the Lord of the Rings series trailer from Amazon here

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – Trailer (German) HD


So the stranger can be Istari. or is he? It is already known that the Lord of the Rings series will simplify the chronology of Middle-earth’s millennia-old history and change it according to the format of the series. In this version of the story As well as my star much earlier pop up.

Given their story from the books, it would make sense to send them to Middle-earth now. Because of Danger from Sauron, Morgoth’s most loyal general He already exists and is the driving force behind the show’s Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) story, convinced the threat hasn’t gone away.

Whether the stranger will actually be an Istari like Gandalf or Saruman, or us with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Completely different inspiration Hopefully we’ll find out by the end of season one. The first season of eight episodes will end on October 14, 2022 On Amazon Prime Video to be clear.

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