Family life updates: the best tweets about parents and their kids (5)

Dear fathers, dear mothers and fathers! It is almost a miracle that you are actually awake at this time. After all, there’s a Saturday on the calendar today and the weekend is known to offer parents an almost unique opportunity to catch up on at least some of the sleep they’ve missed during the week. However, this brings us straight to the reason or reasons why you shouldn’t sleep in bed: Like the rest of the week, dear children! And that’s exactly what our family is discovering today. We wish you a lot of fun and a relaxing weekend!

#1: This will last a lifetime

#2: All of us, right?

#3: Vacation time is brother time

#4: There are things that cannot be banned

#5: I can’t imagine if this happened in Spring 2020…

#6: Totally sustainable

#7: Always a good idea

#8: Write it down, memorize it, and then swallow it

#9: Not really hilarious

Number 10: Well, mom is tight

No. 11: It’s different times today…

#12: Impressive Logic

No. 13: Now we finally know what the letter “H” means in Bahrain

#14: It is well known that a lot helps a lot

Number 15: Doing everything right. All!

For all mothers and fathers of school children:

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