Tamadoge escapes away from other altcoins – and now it’s beyond STEPN

The Play-for-Profit project Tamadoge is set apart from the competition. In the meantime, the manufacturers have reached the next stage of the pre-sale stage, and as of today, they have raised $13 million in capital. With this, Tamadoge beats out another successful crypto project with around $4 million USD currently. Stepn’s Move-to-Ear platform reached just $9 million in March, which is a large amount but pales in comparison to Tamadoge’s success story.

Tamadoge plans to raise $19 million for a capital increase

In fact, Tamadoge’s pre-show has been an overall success story so far – and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change. Short review: The pilot phase of TAMA PreSale began at the end of July 2022 – four weeks originally planned. After approximately two and a half weeks, the coins that were intended for this stage of the presale were completely sold out. The public sale was supposed to take place in the fourth quarter. But it looks like the presale may end in the next few weeks. Overall, Tamadoge wants to generate $19 million in raising capital to further advance the project.

Tamadoge vs Stepn – What are the Similarities – What are the differences?

The common factor between the two platforms is that you can earn money using them. Stepn depends on the move to earn. FitFi combines NFT with fitness, which got its makers a real buzz, at least at first.
The principle of the game can be summarized as follows: earn money by running or jogging. What originally seems very simple unfortunately is not so simple. To be able to participate at all, you first have to buy virtual NFT sneakers and they can cost a lot – depending on your fitness level -.

Simplicity is different

First you have to download the application from the appropriate store, then the provider will give you a verification code. However, if you think that you can start making money, you are wrong. Because in order to be able to use the app at all, you must also have an activation code. These are available from Discord, Telegram, or third party providers. If you can get a code, because these are limited, you have to first buy the above mentioned sneakers and then you still can’t get started. First you need energy (digital), every six hours you get 0.5 points that you can practice for 2.5 minutes. Power is limited to 10 minutes. If you want to train longer, you have to upgrade your sneakers or buy extra shoes, which in turn costs GST. In addition, after each run, the shoes are worn out and must be repaired, which in turn also costs GST. So in order to offset the costs of virtual shoes, you have to (a) walk several kilometers and (b) keep pouring money into sneakers. In addition, the profit greatly depends on the path of the Green Satoshi Token. This currently stands at €0.0377, thus far from an all-time high of €9.07. To be fair, we have to say that the Terra/Luna crash is largely responsible for this.

stiben criticize

The biggest point of criticism, which incidentally keeps coming up on STEPN, is that the business model is very similar to the Ponzi scheme. Because users can also print and sell virtual shoes themselves. However, this business model is only interesting as long as new contestants keep coming. If the numbers stagnated at some point or were declining, this could drive the price down.

Tamadoge – meme coin with its own metaverse

Tamadoge relies on the principle of playing to earn in his Tamaverse. In the middle of the Metaverse are the Tamadoge Pets, which are cute pixel-looking NFT animals that can be purchased at the store – as well as food, accessories, and cosmetics. All Tamadoge pets are formed as children and come to the virtual world with their individual characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The better the player takes care of his virtual pet, the better his development will be. However, if neglected, it creates tamagot. Adult animals can then compete in the Battle Arena to collect Doge points and climb the leaderboard. Then the rewards are distributed to the best players once a month. An Augmented Reality app is also planned, where players can interact and play with their pets. This will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2023. A batch of Tamadoge Arcade Play to Earn Games is planned for the third quarter of 2023.

Like Tamagotchi – 2.0

At least parts of the game’s principle will seem very familiar to one or the other. In fact, Tamadoge is very closely based on the in-game ’90s game that shares a similar name to it, Tamagotchi. Tamadoge is now taking the tiny plastic egg to the next metaverse and expanding it with cute NFT pets, which can also be bred and traded, by the way.

Tamadog is safe

The makers of Tamadoge verified the contract code by Solid Proof, based in Germany, and the result: 100% secure. A verified Coinsniper team and Twitter account are also slowly revealing the faces behind the project.

The first list is locked

The makers of Tamadog also managed another coup. Once PreSale ends, TAMA will be listed on LBank and Uniswap. Once the listing is official, there is a realistic possibility of a huge jump in price. More are planned to be included in CEX and DEX.

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