Bottrop Animal Shelter: Many animals are difficult to transport

Animal character, owner’s living situation: Bottrop’s animal shelter takes care of many aspects in order to find a lifelong home.

Zeus is one of the toughest dogs to adopt. The Cane Corso has been living at the Bottrop Animal Shelter for the past two years. Some animals spend half their lives in shelters, while others quickly find a new home. Small animals are hard to find currently, followed by cats soon after, says Hildegard Frank Tolman, president of the animal shelter at Bottrop.

In cats, the adoption rate has declined, especially after the epidemic. In the case of rabbits, hamsters and birds, mediation is also very slow. Maybe it’s about a change of interest. Rabbits or hamsters are often bought for children or young adults. We pay special attention to how parents perceive dealing with animals. Even small animals are not toys,” emphasizes the animal shelter manager.

It is usually not easy to get an animal from an animal shelter. Anyone interested in a four-legged friend from the animal shelter must first fill out a self-disclosure form. This informs the animal shelter of the applicant’s personal data, living status, occupation and dog experience. In addition, there is a discussion with an in-depth survey, after which the further action is determined. Frank Tolman emphasizes, “We pay close attention to who the animals are placed with, because we want the animal’s next home to be the last.”

Bottom animal shelter: Corona’s consequences make mediation difficult

“Unfortunately, we don’t always make it. Especially in the Corona period, many animals have been bought carelessly. When career starts again, it is noticeable that there is no time for the animal and that its owners cannot do justice,” says Silk Hankamer, an employee at a shelter Animals, sorry. Accordingly, it is not uncommon for animals to be returned to the animal shelter after they have been placed. Even if a rabbit does not require as much time to invest as a dog, for example, taking an animal should not be underestimated.

Even with dogs, it is often difficult to find a loyal home. Many factors play a role. Experience has shown that if a dog is very old and very large, it will be difficult to adopt. The character of the dog plays an important role. “Some dogs are difficult to handle or even trick-or-treat, which requires experienced and knowledgeable hands to be able to lead such a dog.” To be able to pay for veterinary treatment. “Especially with dogs, the birth rate is very high,” explains Hildegard Frank Tolman.

Previous illnesses are not necessarily an obstacle to placement

Questions like: “Does your dog have to go to the vet often?” Silk Hancamer says. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in advance. However, current diseases of animals are not necessarily an obstacle to placement, because there are “some animal lovers” who still give four-legged friends the opportunity to move into a home for life.

Animal lovers do a lot to support Animal Mode. From medical checkups to physiotherapy and special food. “In addition to walking a sheepdog Misha, a dog trainer exercises it both physically and mentally,” Silk Hankamer gives an example. It is not uncommon for animals to be delivered to the shelter in very poor condition and have to be cared for again. Silke Hankamer herself received and took care of small or vulnerable dogs from the animal shelter.

Save the animals in the Bottrop animal shelter

Dogs live singly or in pairs in kennels. As a rule, it is performed twice a day. In order to give them enough room to roam, there are several free runs in the animal shelter where they can roam for hours. “In the evenings there’s a dog party here,” Silk Hankamer says.

Beginning at 6 p.m., dogs are released in turns by kenneling in the yard until staff leave the shelter. In the hot season, there are also several paddling pools in the yard where the dogs can relax. Cats also get their necessary occupation. Up to five cats live together in outdoor rooms. With so many climbing opportunities and hiding places, there is plenty to do. But this does not replace the permanent home.

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