Comrades’ Love: The Fate of Many Couples

Companionship is a kind of glue that holds many people together. It gives security and stability.

Comrades' Love: The Fate of Many Couples

Last updated: 05 September 2022

If you look around and compare the relationships of couples, you will see significant differences. Some are just getting started, others have spent their lives together; Some radiate excitement and intensity, while others reflect deep stability (and perhaps deep boredom as well). Among all kinds of links, one is very popular and interesting: file Love companions.

This kind of love manifests itself in deep, true friendships that will stand the test of time and gradually become safe havens. she also Prevalent among husbands and marriages with a long history. Do you want to know what distinguishes the love of companions? Read on!

Sternberg’s triangle theory of love

Throughout history there have been many definitions of love. But one of the most important of this theory is undoubtedly the theory of the love triangle of psychologist Robert J. Sternberg. He asserts that love consists of three basic elements – different combinations of these elements, in turn, lead to different types of bonds.

The triangle theory of love includes the following three basics:

  • passion: It relates to physical attractiveness and sexual desire, but also to romantic acuity; To spend time together. Passion is usually high in the early stages of a relationship.
  • knowledge: It refers to the complicity, connection and harmony that exists between both partners. The feeling of affection and closeness that arises when both partners reveal themselves to each other and build a deep trust.
  • determination: The intent and decision is to maintain the bond over the long term and to carry on despite all adversity and setbacks. Design means the desire to create – and maintain – a common project.
Companion love is very common between long term couples.

Companionship: the sum total of intimacy and commitment

Passion is the most important element in the beginning of a love relationship. It’s those “butterflies in the stomach” or those spikes of dopamine in the brain that make us feel like we’re flying with our loved ones and motivate us to seek out their company without ever getting tired.

Through the natural process of love This intensity gradually decreases or decreases, giving way to calmer, relaxed, and stable states.. The complicity, trust, and security that a partner brings us is what ultimately sustains and deepens the relationship.

This is why couples who have been together for years often experience what is known as companion love. It comes from a mixture of intimacy and commitment, but it’s almost completely devoid of emotion. If you look around you can see many relationships that follow this dynamic.

What does accompanying love look like?

love buddies Feels like a relationship between good friends. It is not like empty love where only commitment or a sense of duty keeps the bond going. In this case, there is a great bond and complicity, everyone finds in the other the person they trust the most and whom they turn to to share their successes and failures, dreams and fears.

As the relationship progresses, an excellent understanding develops. Both are able to show their weakness and support each other. People in this type of relationship They know each other well, understand each other and make new decisions for each other every day. In fact, it is highly stable bonds that bring security.

In love companionship, the couple enjoys great complicity.

Dealing with a lack of passion

This type of relationship is very present today, For many people, however, it is questionable because there is no passion. The absence of passion can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction and unhappiness as many lose their cravings and need for physical closeness and sexual intercourse.

It is true that love changes over time and it is normal for passion to fade, but there is no reason to accept this reality. Passion can be restored willIf there is an intention on both sides. It must be cultivated because it no longer automatically arises in this state. If you’re in a romantic relationship and lack passion, couples therapy can help, too.

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