LG Electronics brings NFTs to the living rooms of the world

South Korean electronics giant LG has launched its own “LG Art Labs” market, NFT. The platform is aimed at American users who can now present and trade their digital art via their TV. The world’s largest TV manufacturer, Samsung, is also demanding a piece of the pie.

The sixth largest electronics manufacturer LG sells the most TVs worldwide after Samsung. Nearly 1.7 billion people own a TV – Samsung and LG take 33% of the market. Internet enabled devices now allow users to trade and present NFT through TV.

What users can expect…

LG Electronics’ internal cryptocurrency wallet is called “Wallypto” and handles NFT transfers via QR codes. This allows end users to trade and enjoy their artwork right from the screen. With the simplest possible handling, LG provides its users with uncomplicated access to new technologies.

Advocates and followers of the crypto scene are looking forward to a bright future filled with NFT implementations:

According to Chris Jo, LG Art Lab is designed “to allow millions of users across the United States to easily access and view NFTs without having to write code themselves or interact directly with the blockchain.”

According to crypto-Twitter, the LG wallet is also open for trading outside of blockchains other than Hedera.

This inspires users…

Especially with low ones Cost per transaction From Less than 0.0001 cent dollars and found Low power usage The Hedera network has convinced the world-renowned manufacturer of electricity.

“The Hedera network uses significantly less power than any other public ledger, making it an ideal choice. Users can buy, sell and display NFTs without worrying about high power consumption,” said Chris Jo, Senior Vice President and Head of Platform Business at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. ..

How do I convince the LG Hydera?

LG attaches great importance to providing users with an affordable and environmentally friendly NFT platform. Because these two topics have been teasing the crypto world for quite some time.

But the potential network effects and intensity of the Hedera Hashgraph Blockchain project are also remarkable: the “Hedera Global Board of Directors” includes major players such as Google, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Boeing and Chainlink Labs. In this “the most widely used and sustainable corporate ledger in a decentralized economy” LG joined in 2020.

NFTs are invading the living rooms of the world

as such The largest electronics manufacturer in the world Samsung is a leading technology company. On January 3, 2022, Samsung announced the “NFT Platform”.

“This app provides an integrated and integrated platform for discovering, buying and trading digital artworks,” the Samsung Newsroom announced.

It is only a matter of time before the competition catches up. With Samsung and LG out Nullity among TV manufacturers in the NFT space Before.

It becomes clear: NFT market catches the attention of the technology sector! The biggest players are dealing with this issue because the billion dollar market can no longer be overlooked. Despite falling prices, a crypto crash and mixed predictions for the NFT sector, market leaders are investing in blockchain-based technologies.

FIFA + Collect will change the rules of the game?

The world’s largest football association, FIFA, offers a platform for NFT collectibles for the FIFA World Cup with FIFA + Collect.

“This exciting announcement makes FIFA Collectibles accessible to every football fan and democratizes the ability to own a piece of the FIFA World Cup. Just like sports memorabilia and posters, this is an opportunity for fans around the world to interact with their favorite players, moments and more on new platforms,” said Romy Gay, chief business officer of FIFA.

According to a FIFA report, FIFA + Collect Available from the start on all web and mobile devices is being. Televisions are not named. But there may be an important use case for LG and Samsung hidden here.


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