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– If you always think of a particular person, have a mythical tingling in your stomach and are always interested in that person, then you are clearly in love, right?

Hormones go crazy and so do thoughts. Everyone has probably gotten to the point where they ask themselves: “Am I in love?” Is it just a dream, a tangled mess of feelings, or are the feelings deep and real? How do you really know you are in love?

How do I know I’m in love?

It is not easy to tell if you are truly in love or if you are attracted to someone for some other reason. Because there are some feelings that can easily be confused with falling in love. At the same time, there are also a lot of signs that clearly speak of falling in love. In the following article you will find everything you need to assess whether you have really fallen in love.

Am I in love these are the signs

These are the signs of love:


Heart palpitations and tingling in the stomach every time you think of that person? The described physical reaction indicates that feelings are involved. Falling in love also means being a little excited nervous or unsure close to the other. Some people feel comfortable around someone they fall in love with, so excitement and nervousness are not necessary.

Continuous thoughts

Whether after waking up, before bed, at work, or when doing hobbies – thoughts always revolve around a specific person. If you keep thinking about this person and they are constantly floating around in your head, you can be sure that the feelings are towards you friendship go outside.

feelings of happiness

With every message on the cell phone, the heart leaps with happiness and one hopes it has been written. When the message is truly from the heart, happiness is overwhelming. This is also a sign of real feelings.


Lovers not only crave digital exchange, but also personal connection. Anyone who feels the need to meet this specific person is likely to fall in love Especially when everything else takes a back seat and you’d rather spend your time with just one person.


People who have been single for a long time often cannot imagine making concessions. But when you meet someone who changes everything, you also love to adapt your daily life. The desire to compromise is also a sign of falling in love.

other’s happiness

When you’re in love, you want your potential partner to always be happy. A sign of serious feelings is the other person’s well-being. You want to do everything to keep the person happy all the time.

common future

Does the idea of ​​staying together in five, ten or thirty years sound good? Perhaps you see yourself with your potential partner at the altar or with children in your arms. This is a definite sign that you are in love.

Conversations with friends

Once you ask yourself the question “Am I in love?” This is often discussed with friends. If you get into a rapture and can’t stop talking about the person, it’s very likely that you are in love. Anyone who loves someone more than just a friendship will want to share these feelings and thoughts with their best friend.

How do I know if you are in love?

In some cases, you are attracted to someone even though you are not in love. While these positive feelings can sound alike, they have nothing to do with love. Examples are:

1) You are sexually attracted to someone and get along well in bed

2) Being desirable evokes a pleasant feeling

3) You yearn for a stable relationship

4) The attention given feels good

5) You feel like you have found your soul mate, but only on the friendship level

6) One does not love a person, but only loves his idea

What is the difference between love and love?

Even if the first dates are great and your stomach ache, there’s no need to develop into a permanent relationship. When dating, people quickly realize whether or not a serious relationship will work. Even a relationship in which there are sparks between the two partners does not necessarily have to lead to great love.

be loving Especially noticeable in Physical symptoms: Throbbing, weak knees, trembling hands. In addition, there is numbness in the stomach and sexual desire. But to talk about love, feelings must intensify.

Love appears above all in feelings that continue to exist even after the exciting first days. The longing and joy in the partner is still present even after hundreds of meetings. Love combines physical and emotional reactions. Even if the charm of the beginning has disappeared, the partner is desired and missed. That’s when infatuation turned into true love.

What is the difference between love and crush?

The term “crush” is usually used by children or teens. Since young people in particular do not like to talk about “falling in love” or “in love,” “falling in love” is a good linguistic alternative. People who have met someone and immediately found them attractive also describe themselves as “fans”. Falling in love comes later. So falling in love is a stronger feeling than “falling in love”, although one cannot always distinguish clearly due to the synonymous usage.

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How do I know if he/she is in love with me too?

This is how you realize that a potential partner is also falling in love. he or she:

· It takes a lot of time
nervous / excited
· Laugh a lot
· Communicates a lot
Seeks constant physical contact
· looks in love
Talking about intimate things
Like to spend a lot of time together
· Concerns / Thoughts
Seeking common interests
· Wants to impress
Introduce yourself to friends or family

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