Max Emmanuel Brewery – A gem of a pub for Maxvorstadt has opened again

Photo: Max Emanuel Brewery

Bavarian pub culture is legendary. Just like cabaret artist Gerhard Bolt, who described the inn as “a pillar of the West.” With this in mind, Munich now has another place to live together: the traditional Max Emanuel Brewery – founded in 1880 and acquired by Löwenbräu in 1896 – sparkles with new splendor. After a complete renovation, the inn with its famous beer garden shows its fresh, youthful and timeless side. The three young hosts focus on high-quality Bavarian cuisine in a modern setting, creating a true gastronomic gem in Maxvorstadt.

The heart of the new Max Emmanuel brewery is the restaurant, which consists of two rooms separated by an open kitchen. On the one hand, there is the guest room with the regulars table and a bar standing in the front area just behind the entrance. It is the contemporary interpretation of the Bavarian Room. On the other hand, there is the former ballroom, which many Munich residents may still remember as the site of the Egg Festival. A spacious and modern restaurant area for around 100 guests has been created here. This room can be divided and cleverly integrate the previous stage of the previous hall into the new interior. From there you can also reach the beautiful beer garden, for which the Max Emanuel brewery is known throughout the city – a green oasis for more than 500 visitors in the middle of one of the most densely populated areas of Munich. Here, light wood islands have been created around the old stock of trees, creating a seating area in a modern, relaxed vibe. The spacious serviced terrace provides space for 100 guests and connects the restaurant with the beer garden.

Hosts Daniel Beach, Oscar Schleider and Konstantin Schutenhamel have known each other for many years and are not only business partners, but friends as well. Through the joint venture, they are fulfilling a dream that started in 2019 and is now a reality. They also convinced Löwenbräu AG, the lessor of the former place of worship, with their concept. All three come from the catering trade and contribute their different experiences. Among other things, Daniel Pietsch has worked as a chef and dish at establishments such as Dallmayr’s or Gerner’s, but has also developed gastronomic concepts such as Fizzy Bubele, a food stall on Elisabethmarkt Street. Oskar Schleider has completed his training at an event agency and is the manager of one of Munich’s most prestigious clubs, Lucky Ho. His ex-school friend Konstantin Schottenhamel comes from a respected culinary family in Munich and since this year has also become the official ‘Wies’n Wirt’ at the Schottenhamel marquee of the same name at Oktoberfest.

The kitchen at Max Emanuel brewery serves classic Bavarian cuisine to a high but not sophisticated standard. “I would like to offer our guests impressive authentic Bavarian dishes that taste like grandma’s – not artificial, but always at a high level of craftsmanship. Familiar flavors should be recognized as such while leaving room for surprises. We use the latest culinary techniques to bring out the best in traditional dishes and prepare everything Almost by ourselves. The Tyrolean dumpling trio is naturally made with three different types of basic dough and our sauces are made in-house,” says chef Daniel Beach. At Mario Ligouri, he brings a complete professional with many years of experience from the Ratskeller at Marienplatz to his kitchen team.

The menu at the restaurant includes pub classics, such as freshly roasted organic alpine pork, the original Wiener Schnitzel or Allgäuer Kasspatzn, as well as fine fish, pork dishes and select salads. Don’t miss the oven-fresh Kaiserschmarrn. The selection of drinks is plentiful and offers everything you could wish for – as befits a prestigious enterprise with a brewery in its name, and of course also a large selection of fresh beers and an impeccable wine list.

When it comes to products and suppliers, the kitchen at Max Emanuel Brewery knows no compromises – whether it’s meat, fish, vegetables or herbs. As often as possible and when it makes sense, the restaurant works with regional producers who produce under strict environmental self-compliance. The meat comes from the organic Tyrolean butcher Juffinger and the vegetables from the Kreuzinger vegetable farm. Additionally, Max Emanuel Brewery is a climate-neutral, Climate Partner label.

Old chestnuts, fresh beer and fresh pastries. Summer days can be spent in the beer garden of the Max Emanuel brewery. The little haven in the middle of a residential area in Maxvorstadt is surrounded by apartment buildings in the shade of dense chestnut trees and has a long history. After the former brewery was taken over by Löwenbräu from a century before last and converted into a restaurant, the associated beer garden has been happily preserved.
It’s casual here when students and residents of Schwabing fill the new lovingly designed beer garden with life during the day. Whether on the pub terrace with service and specialties from the restaurant, in one of the tree levels or on the shady beer counter: up to 500 guests can enjoy delicacies such as the Munich snack platter, the original Viennese fried chicken and Bamberg sausage schnitzels, but you can also savor Bavarian street food, vegan Zurich forest mushrooms and pancakes with ice cream and fresh fruit.


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The concept of furniture was developed by Caroline Rauh, whose design ideas probably caught the attention of many Munich residents than other restaurants. Among other things, she designed Asian hotspots Azuki and Cochinchina, and street food outlets in Chi Thu and Saigon Deli. In the new Max Emanuel brewery, they present a compelling holistic concept and successfully carry traditional structures in a modern lifestyle into the modern age. She makes use of light woods and rich greens and sets color accents when necessary. In the guest room, tile by a historic fireplace is a mainstay in the room, and unique Bavarian antique elements meet elegant furnishings.

The restaurant is spacious with discreetly patterned wallpaper and wood trim that make the room appear spacious and sophisticated. The attention to detail can be felt all over, without looking overburdened. The design plays with the traditions of Bavarian lodges, but does not use stereotypes such as deer antlers or other cliched accessories, and is never in danger of slipping into kitsch. Obviously everything has a soul and every guest is guaranteed to find their favorite spot here. There is also a corner for a regular table in the new Max Emanuel brewery.

Celebrations and events and Gerhard Bolt
The location is ideal for occasions and celebrations – be it a birthday party, Christmas party, wedding, corporate event or client event: due to rooms of different sizes, almost no wish is fulfilled. All necessary technical requirements have been established. In the large restaurant room, a booth for up to 60 people can be separated. This leaves enough space for casual guests even during festivities. The stage in the former festival hall is cleverly integrated and can be used at any time. Concerts and cabaret are possible here and planned in the future – perhaps even with Gerhard Bolt. “This is going to be our big dream,” says Oscar Schleider. “For a start, a simple visit to a wonderful cabaret artist and a fan of Bavarian pub culture would also be useful.” He always felt at home here: in the beer garden, at the table of the regulars, or in the restaurant. As he once said: “Convenience is the relationship between time, beer, and money.” And there’s a lot of that here.

facts and figures
Address: Adalbertstr. 33, 80799 Munich
Beer garden entrance: Nordendstr. 4
Hosts: Daniel Beach, Oscar Schleider and Konstantin Schottenhamel
Kitchen Management: Daniel Beach and Mario Liguori
Restaurant management: Barbara Engelbrecht
Current working hours: daily from 11:30 am to 1:00 am
(Sunday until 11pm)
Capacity: Restaurant: 180 seats
Terrace: 100 seats
Beer garden: 450 seats
Interior Design: Caroline Rauh, Schneider Design
Reservations for celebrations and events upon request: 08960060819

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