7 sentences – more pronounced than “I love you”

That’s why it’s hard for some people to say “I love you”:

Many share a basic understanding of love as a precious and rare commodity. Accordingly, they are also careful in revealing this feeling. For fear of meaning fading out or being used at the wrong moment, they rarely can’t convince themselves to say “I love you.”

The feeling of obligation also prevents one or the other from recognizing love. Connecting with someone and taking them to a new level can be intimidating. Therefore, some people prefer to go to an uncomplicated level of friendship to avoid any expectations of themselves.

The main reason is and remains the fear of rejection. If everyone tries to hide their own feelings, no one can be sure how the other person feels about you. Fortunately, there is still nonverbal communication!

These behaviors will tell you if “I love you” is imminent:

crush you…

  • Think of you and show yourself that too.
  • He throws out all plans to be with you.
  • He seeks your closeness and also shows his affection in public.
  • He listens to you and cares about what you like.
  • He tells his friends about you.

Thanks to body language, you have the opportunity to read your crush like an open book. Small movements, such as repeatedly running your fingers through your hair or briefly touching your head, can indicate that you are making the other person nervous. The way you kiss and look at each other can also herald an imminent confession of love.

These phrases are at least as meaningful as “I love you”

However, love should not be viewed merely as an emotion in itself, but as a source of a large number of intense sensations. You will notice this at the latest when you are worried about or upset about a loved one or him/her. Confessions of love can be different and unrecognizable as such at first glance. So you should not only pay attention to the three magic words, but also read between the lines.

Here are at least 7 meaningful phrases like “I love you”:

1. “You changed my world.”

Your relationship is like no other and everything seems new and unusual. Perhaps this sentence best describes how it feels to be in love with someone. Anyone who was told this sentence can count themselves lucky.

2. “I am always here for you.”

And no matter what comes. Almost more important than “I love you” is knowing that you can count on someone, right?

3. “To me you are just as perfect as you are.”

Love is blind at the beginning of a relationship, pink-tinted glasses can slightly obscure your vision. However, over time you get to know your partner better and one thing is clear: No one is perfect. If you not only recognize each other’s flaws, but also accept them, a much stronger bond will be created.

4. “I respect you.”

You definitely agree when we say: Mutual respect is one of the most important things in a relationship! We often take our partners for granted. Don’t listen carefully and don’t ask for too much. If your partner doesn’t respect you, you may be in a toxic relationship. With the sentence “I respect you” your counterpart is showing you that he respects your dreams, thoughts and hopes.

5. “I trust you.”

It takes a lot of courage to trust someone blindly. You reveal your insides to someone else and hope that person knows about it. Anyone who gives someone’s trust also has a responsibility that should not be underestimated.

6. “I believe in you.”

When you doubt yourself, strong support is most important. Having someone by your side who supports and believes in you can motivate you. With the right strength in your back, you can do just about anything.

7. “I protect you.”

When you hear this sentence, it is clear: You can feel safe here. Hardly anything is as good as being able to completely let yourself go with someone and being able to forget your worries for a moment.

So if you struggle to say the three magic words, there are countless other ways to express your feelings. You, too, can pay attention to the little things that matter with your heart. Sometimes you just have to listen closely and pay attention to certain signs. Learn more about how to identify true love here.

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