Alpaca and llama picnics in Franconia: here you can go on a tour with cute companions

  • Hiking in the company of cute alpacas and llamas is more popular than ever
  • What makes alpacas and llamas so good hiking partners?
  • Here you can find out where to start your alpaca tour in Franconia

Pet llamas and alpacas, take a walk with them and let your soul hang out. Regardless of kids birthdaythe original variant of datesAnd the family outing or alone. in It’s possible in Franconia – with llamas and alpacas on the rise. Animals from the Andes Mountains of South America belong to the family of camels, more specifically to the New World camels. They differ in gender: the alpacas are descended from the vicuña and the llama from the guanacos. Unlike camels, alpacas and llamas do not have humps.

These farms offer llama and alpaca hikes in Franconia – our tips

Alpacas are smaller and only half the weight of llamas, but they are more delicate – kind of like them Teddy bear version of cheeky llama. The llama has a height of about 1.2 meters and can weigh up to 130 kilograms.

In our tour overview, we show you where you are in Upper, Middle and Lower Franconia Go for a walk with the peaceful animals.

These alpaca and llama tour operators are a select group of our editorial team. If you still If you have any other suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments. We look forward to your tips!

Alpaca and llama tours in Upper Franconia

Sun Alpacas Ebermanstadt

The alpacas come out of the Gisela Herbst in Ebermannstadt almost every weekend. Cute fur noses are also available for kids birthday party. above The farm in Ebermannstadt is home to 25 alpacasThere are also cuddly alpaca fur products at the farm store, which you can also make yourself at the wool spinning course.

Mitimino Lamas Naila

In the charming Franconian forest of Döbrastöcken near Naila, those interested can experience the llama up close. Not far from the upper Franconian town of Hove, you can stroll with saffron, chili, thyme, pepperoni, anise, Tabasco, caraway, thyme, lavender, fennel, lemon balm, turmeric, mint or ginger. Trekking tours can take anywhere from one to two hours. In addition, on the farm, there is a possibility Children’s birthday party, where children are taught how to handle animals.

Köhler-Auweiler Frankenlamas near Thurnau

On the farm, not far from Bayreuth, graze, believe it or not 50 alpacas and llamas. Ilse Köhler takes care of trekking tours, school classroom outing days, family or club celebrations with its New World beauty.

Rudolfstein Alpacas in Weißenstadt am See

The Grießhammer family farm near Weißenstadt am See (Wunsiedel region) invites you to alpaca walks in the beautiful Fichtelgebirge and to birthday parties with alpacas. Note: there is even one of its own Farm shop with animal related products (From alpaca wool bedding and clothing to alpaca cosmetics). By matching this, each participant in an alpaca climbing excursion receives a pair of woolen alpaca socks.

Alpaca and llama tours in Central Franconia

Llama Frankenalp in Engelthal

Frankenalb Lamas is located in Engelthal, about 25 kilometers east of Nuremberg. Llama lovers here Go hiking with llamas on weekends all year round. The exact structure of the tour depends on the weather and season and lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours including an introduction. Birthday parties for children from 10 years old are also possible.

Alpaca from Reichenbach

Anyone who comes to alpacas from Reichenbach to Vogtsreichenbach in the county of Fürth can contact Hike some 14 llamas of the Reichert family Be happy. If you wish, you can have breakfast with alpacas. Children’s birthdays can also be celebrated with alpacas.

  • price: 30€ per person including a snack or breakfast with a drink (each additional drink costs 1.50 or 2€ extra), 1€ child per year plus 1€ extra cost,
  • Tabuk: Vogtsreichenbach 22, 90556 Cadolzburg
  • More information on the website

Aurach Valley Alpacas in Neuendettelsau

In County Ansbach, alpaca lovers can choose between a small and a large alpaca picnic tour. In addition to birthday parties for children from 8 years old, Sports lovers in a yoga session in the Alpaca meadow on your costs.

Alpaca and llama tours in Lower Franconia

Ron’s moments at Jenolves

Two brothers opened an alpaca pasture in Gingolves in Rhone. Under the motto “Rhönmomente,” they offer guided walks lasting about 2.5 hours. Be during the rest period Serves sweets and drinks from the area.

Hanna Lucky Alpacas in Helmitzheim

Alvin, Ricky, Philly, Cuba, Monty, Bakco, Canuto, Amadeo, Shiraz, Zazu, Kaby and Kieron, these are Hana. Nine friendly alpacasWhich delights the owners and their guests again and again. They lived in Helmitzheim, a small village in Lower Franconia with Joanna Fischer.

Alpaca field grave in Trabstadt

Michael Hippold’s alpaca farm is located in Trappstadt, on the border with Thuringia. About 8 km east of the spa town of Bad Königshofen, Take an alpaca tour by visiting and tasting a liquor distillery. For hiking enthusiasts, hikes lead up to six kilometers along the Grabfeld.

Hassberglama in Gossmannsdorf

If you want to experience a real llama up close, you can stop at the “Haßberglama” llama trek in Goßmannsdorf near Hofheim (Hasberge district). there A whole series of different excursion tourswhich can be booked all year round by individual arrangement and also with children.

Alpaca events in Erlenbach am Main

On the sunny Spessart vineyards between Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg, Sven Noske offers alpaca hiking tours in Erlenbach am Main. Anyone who wants – no kidding – can get their own Celebrate the wedding with cute animals. Depending on the stress level of the animals, Alpacas to the registry office Or, of course, on the photos of the newlyweds.

Orenda Ranch in Munnerstadt

Specializing in animal-assisted therapy, this farm near Bad Kissingen offers not only that Opportunity for therapeutic treatment and training In addition to the various seminars, but also the possibility of an alpaca or llama hike. There are offers for tours both in the group, such as Romantic couple experience or even as a bachelorette or bachelorette party program.

Lepka alpaca farm in Weissbrunn

Weisbrunn is located in Lower Franconia in the idyllic foothills of the natural paradise of Steigerwald. Here, too, there are some gentle residents of Stefan Lipka farm who can walk with you.

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