Family Minister Lisa Bowes demands: ‘More relief, more money for poor children’

Fighting child poverty
Family Minister Lisa Bowes demands: ‘More relief, more money for poor children’

Family Secretary Lisa Bowes

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Family Secretary Lisa Bowes (Green Party) wants to advance basic child security. All benefits for families should be accumulated and paid unbureaucraticly. There should be more money, too. But when will this reform come?

Mrs. Baus, every fifth child in Germany is considered poor, is this number an exaggeration?

No, this is statistically calculated. I have lived in areas of Berlin where every third child grows up in poverty. When my son, now 13, started school, I imagined it: Every third child in his class! What does that mean for kids, what does it mean for team spirit in the class?

There are about 150 government subsidies for families in total. Why don’t they help fight child poverty?

Tax and social law is still geared toward the traditional family: father, mother, and two children – although the reality of life today is different from what it was 40 years ago. Families who do not fit into this pattern are at high risk of poverty. Not so long ago, during a debate about single parents in the Bundestag, I heard comments from members of Parliament who said: “You shouldn’t support something like that either!”

On the twentieth of the month, some parents no longer know how to feed their children. What do you do to help the children?

This is a disgrace to a rich country like Germany. We need a structural benefit for families, for example through child benefits and higher standard rates.

They want to introduce the basic safety of the child. How will it look?

It collects child benefits and child allowance, unemployment benefit II benefits and parts of the Education and Participation Act. There should be a guaranteed amount for everyone and an additional amount graded according to the parents’ income level for low-income families.

The Greens concept mentions a guaranteed amount of €290 and an additional amount of up to €547.

We will negotiate the exact amount in the next few months, it depends on the needs and depends on the subsistence level. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the calculation.

Will poor parents have more money in the future?

They will definitely get more money. So far, only a third of eligible parents have applied for child benefits due to insufficient income. It’s a scandal because for years we’ve been hiding the hidden poverty of children with this system alone. I want to make sure everyone gets the money they deserve.

Together against child poverty

When will basic child insurance come?

The law should be in effect by the end of 2023, then we will decide the stages in which we will provide benefits. We want to pay the money in 2025.

more than two years. Why is this taking so long? This is a complex and complex task. Seven ministries work on basic child security: Domestic Policy, Justice, Labor and Social Affairs, Education, Construction, Finance and Family.

How is basic child security funded?

of tax money. We’ll summarize past accomplishments, and there’s more to come. Every euro is well invested so that poor children do not become poor adults. Studies show that the resources we invest as a society in children reduce future costs. Justice is important to me, but you can also look at it very rudely from an economic point of view: we will need every child in the future, because we are heading towards a massive shortage of skilled workers.

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