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What do you do with a ’67 Mercedes-Benz W108? Nice to meet you. You keep it in good shape. It has been professionally restored and true to the original. You can do all this with a 55-year-old Mercedes-Benz, and many probably do the same – but you don’t have to do it, as Robert Mercedes-Benz 250 S impressively demonstrates to the viewer. His W108 appears as a shaky mouse. Oops, maybe not everyone likes it. But if you do not gasp when you see a Mercedes that has been eaten by Gelb, but are still drivable, and do not immediately think about “sacrilege”, you can even understand one of Robert’s statements with an unbiased attitude. “Not everyone drives something like this,” he says, and he’s kind of right.

The Mercedes W108 considers itself one of those stars who can boast of being part of the landmark class. The W108 series introduced in August 1965 succeeded the six-cylinder finned sedans. The Paul Bracq-designed chassis represents the first independent series of the luxury class from Mercedes-Benz. The clean lines of this Mercedes-Benz have been dispensed with modern accessories and impress with their restrained elegance to this day.

mercedes with bite

With the W108, Bracq has created forever design. Yes, body design is timeless – unless the ravages of time gnaw at it. Not only did Rust nibble on Robert’s specimen, but it had already gnawed whole pieces.

Empty classic mercedes car

The Mercedes-Benz 250 SE from 1967 looks really rotten and sexy rather than impressively petrol. Last exit from the tailings? Think! Robert currently maintains a wide berth around the cemetery of the car – with a 3.6-liter 300-horsepower engine tuned by AMG, which at the same time replaced the original 2.5-liter 130-horsepower unit. The engine isn’t a feast for the eyes, but it does what it’s supposed to do. Using a locking differential for the Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3, the Rusty Benz puts its respectable performance on the road reliably. Going forward is very fast and braking is also very quick thanks to the Porsche 964 front/rear brake system.

sloppy. corrupt. flipped over.

Perhaps the fact that the W108 looks groggy should not inspire many classic Mercedes fans and could lead to an attack of embarrassment. Could a once proud, upper-class sovereign Mercedes-Benz ever relegated to the rank of “battlefield”? Let’s ask Robert that. “It looks great,” says MIB, adding without any subjective doubt about anything but the day-to-day styling of this car: “Everyone takes a look, because you don’t see one like me in every corner!”

Should this be W108 like no other? At the Mercedes-Benz “Historic Icons Division” there are probably some who would not want to accept Robert’s view unchallenged. Certainly not everyone shares his love for rust. In classic car circles, the W108’s rough, raw, and decadent appearance doesn’t evoke a happy flower-picking interior, which is also something to understand.

tumbling star

The star’s base plane is suboptimal, underground, deep. Speaking of deterioration: H&R sports suspension takes the decaying body, which has green-painted steel (7×15) and 205/70 white tires as boots, into the sinking.

outside fie, inside hue?

Does anyone think overly thorough housekeeping is on a landlord’s to-do list? No, and that’s right, because the intrinsic and extrinsic values ​​lead to a W108 revision, a match that could certainly be called authentic. Spots and wrinkles on the inside that cannot be overlooked and do not form are the normal signs of many years of life. Can you make it prettier? Have you seen any more beautiful? – But, hey, MIBs like Robert like the real look used. that’s good.

deteriorate rather than perfect

my life. My Benz is my taste. Robert did what he does. His Mercedes W108 appears rather than ideal. This star appears in a way that pleases its owner. The fact that this 1967 250 S is in old but not necessarily venerable condition has its own value in a certain way, dents, dents and rust holes resulting in a mixture of flaws and quirks, which one cannot deny is a striking factor.

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