Pope calls on American youth to work for Christian unity

In New York, the Church’s Youth Project “The Community At The Crossing” will give young people from across the United States and all Christian denominations the opportunity for a special “Gap” project. Christians between the ages of 20 and 30 are invited to join The Community At The Crossing for a year of prayer, study, and service for the poor and New York City. Pope Francis sent a video message for the launch.

Stephanie Stahlhofen – Vatican City

“It is my great pleasure and comfort to communicate with you in this way at this special moment,” the church leader said in Spanish in the video message released by the Vatican on Friday. Bishops, Catholics, Christians of different denominations, all of good will unite to launch The Community at The Crossing Dear young people, who are here for a year of community life, education, Christian discernment, prayer and service to other young people and the poor who will spend: Be witnesses to the love and tenderness of God! ‘, appealed to Pope Francis.

“I hope this fellowship will provide an opportunity to relive the desire for Christian unity in New York and American society.”

The Congregation at the Crossing is centered around the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, which is also an Episcopalian. Members can also live there and have the moral core of changing the world through the way they practice their calling.”

The power of love and unity

From Pope Francis’ viewpoint, ecumenism and unity in general are also important concerns, as he explained in his video message at the beginning of “Community at the Crossing”:

“I hope this fellowship will provide an opportunity to live again the desire for Christian unity in New York and American society. The future of faith in our world is driving the path of Christian unity. Yes, we do not agree on everything. Yes, we have deep beliefs that sometimes seem incompatible or incompatible. …but that is exactly why we choose to love one another. Love is stronger than all quarrels and divisions. It brings peace where peace seems impossible.”

“Love is stronger than all quarrels and divisions. It brings peace where peace seems impossible.”

That is why the head of the church invites everyone to continue working for the unity of Christians. Pope Francis continued that Jesus Christ is the common anchor for different cultures and also “for our political decisions in accordance with our ecclesiastical doctrines.” The goal should always be to direct oneself to Jesus Christ and to look at Him together.

Society “Society on the Crossing”

According to its own statement, “Community At The Crossing” is modeled on contemplative communities around the world. He also sees himself as being particularly inspired by the monastery-like community of Saint Anselm for young people aged 20 and over. He is 35 years old. This stands under the leadership of Anglicans Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and Emeritus President of Anglicans. The new youth community “Community at the Crossing” also works closely with the Roman Catholic community “Chemin Neuf”, which lives an ecumenical vocation. In his video message, Pope Francis once again explicitly thanks the important initiators of the new “Community At The Crossing” youth community in the United States:

“My heart leaps for the idea of ​​the Catholic Diocese and the Anglican Episcopal Church in New York going hand in hand here.”

“Thank you very much, dear young people, for your courage and commitment. Thank you also to the team of the Episcopal Church of Saint John the Divine and the Chemin Neuf community for initiating this project. I also express my deepest gratitude to Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Deitch for accepting and implementing this initiative. Joy at the idea of ​​the Catholic Diocese and Anglican Episcopal Church in New York go hand in hand here.We also thank Dicastery for promoting Christian unity for encouraging this project.Special thanks to my brother and friend Justin Welby who supported this project from the start.Thank him for his words.Thank you all.Keep it up! ”

(Vatican News – SST)

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