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lions, horses and sensations

Seven people pyramid on a rope Seven people pyramid on a rope

Seven people pyramid on a rope

Source: Circus Crone

Circus Krone is touring with its show “Mandana” after a two-year pandemic hiatus – the Hamburg premiere on Heiligengeistfeld was enthusiastically celebrated with the best acrobats from around the world.

circus Krone delighted the audience at the premiere of her show “Mandana” on Heiligengeistfeld on Thursday. The world’s largest circus with 3,800 seats in the tent is touring again after a two-year pandemic break. With the circus, the protest of radical animal rights activists is back. A group of about 30 opponents of dressage numbers protested with slogans such as “No applause for cruelty to animals” and chanted in front of the entrance “Anims outside the ring” – with many circus visitors hoping this would not happen during the predatory figure.

Good old circus at its best

Confronting protests with confidence, Circus Crone provides detailed and credible information about animal husbandry and animal care, which goes well beyond legal requirements, and continues to show the circus as it was fifty years ago, but on a higher level – with more than 20 horses, 14 lions and a dazzling tiger. The evening is definitely nostalgic. Because Kron is actually a good old circus in all respects. People, many of whom love popcorn and roasted almonds, sit around the ring and marvel at the animals and other people in the ring, for whom sweets in their diet clearly play a secondary role.

With a flash of tense circus music at first, the band’s live musicians created enthusiastic expectations. The background story “Mandana” tells of the love of a horse princess for a lion man, and the somewhat closeness of the director couple can be noted. Both the princess and the lion appear as artists with big animal puppet heads and the horse princess can also be seen on stage, but without a puppet mask and with real horses, she is more beautiful. At the end of the show is a short wedding photo of the mask wearer, before all the performers wave goodbye to the cheers of the audience.

With the court clown, the lion tamer and the jumping tiger

Leading the show as a court jester and a clown during the breaks, Lorenzo presents himself as a clumsy at first, but gradually proves his skills as a juggler, music clown, animator and acrobat. I did well. As the perfect lion tamer, ring director Martin Lacey Jr. brings a big cat into the ring at the end of the evening. After forced mock attacks, pedestal-to-pedestal jumps, and the appearance of female lions making males, Lacey Jr. cuddles extensively with lionesses and lions, making them feel like family at heart. The tiger even jumps out of the ring like a man.

Disciplined and adorable horse shows with impressive rostering and jogging characters are personally directed by Circus Director Gana Mandana Lacey Crone. With sounds and gestures, Lacey Crone harmoniously leads the herd through the tour. In addition, the director and Hans-Ludwig Suppmeier will introduce characters to classic horseback riding in a “double high school” in Lipizzaner Magistus and Andalusian Legendo.

Duo artist and tightropes band by grace

Of course, horses also play a crucial role in the artistic duo of racing Stipka. Eliane and Daniel Stepka combine elements of dance and gymnastics in a fantastic acrobatic feat on the backs of two horses. Because Daniel Stepka stands with one leg on both. While the animals make their rounds happily in the ring, Elaine is now doing gymnastics around Daniel, standing first on his shoulders and last – if something’s shaky, that’s – hands-free on his head. Fabulous.

The main attractions in the evening include a line-up of international artists and acrobats. By far the most exciting figure under the roof of the Kron tent is the tightrope dancers of Mustafa Danger. At ten meters—without a safety rope—the band members do things that others cannot do on the ground—jumping rope at breakneck speed, for example, or walking in groups of seven pyramids on three levels one above the other. mad.

Best acrobatics with and without trampoline

When it comes to the performance of the acrobatic group Khadaga from Mongolia, it can be said that it is not a matter of cultural appropriation when strong men and women in folk costumes perform all sorts of impressive tricks, for example a somersault on the hands to those below you or from four tall towers, in which the The artist standing tall by the hand of her colleagues.

People love bouncy balls: Team Non Stop

People love bouncy balls: Team Non Stop

Source: Hurling Balint

Other attractions include the duo Flash of Splash, which sparkles with flights on the straps – Ukrainian-Russian couple Amalia Avanesian and Yevhen Abakumov somehow cling to each other, sometimes by arm, sometimes by leg, sometimes by teeth, while also crazy fast spinning and lifting. Season. The Circus Bingo Theater with Lena and Sven also shows exciting air shows on tapes. Team Non Stop stops continuously – for brief moments – in bold, challenging jumps from four trampolines to, up, over, and against a raised tire in between. It sounds so easy and yet it is an unlimited challenge – acrobats land on trampolines on their stomachs or backs and shoot themselves to impressive heights at high speed. Mandana offers a fun evening of two and a half hours full of excitement and infatuation and the best entertainment for circus lovers.

Circus Krone: “Mandana,” Heiligengeistfeld, until October 16; Century Racecourse from October 19th to 23rd

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