NBA 2K23: With Attention to Detail – and Microtransactions

NBA 2K23 is making a big push and delivering on promises. The only drawback is the microtransactions. Kicker eSport played the latest part of the basketball simulation on PlayStation 5.

What does the new part of the basketball simulation bring?
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2023 – The next calendar year in NBA 2K23 revolves around “23”. Michael Jordan shirt number. Accordingly, there was the return of Jordan’s challenges and a special version of “MG”.

But 2K didn’t just want to be big around Michael Jordan. City 2.0 in MyCareer, or a trip back in history with MyNBA, promised a lot of fun. So the offensive content is confirmed: the possibilities in NBA 2K23 are almost endless – what’s so upsetting about this game?

scan no. It plays like a basketball simulation should be. Movements are moving at a realistic pace. An incredible number of hyperactive moves like in FIFA is not possible. But it also means that if you don’t have a lot of time and you set your quarter time to three minutes, you won’t get the typical basketball results.

The moves: sometimes easy, sometimes hard

Speaking of moves – there are many types here, whether it’s dribbling, lying down or diving. These can be practiced in training. The controller animation showing when the buttons were pressed is helpful here. However, the timing of some of the movements is not entirely clear.

NBA 2 K 23 screenshot My TEAM Gianni

Pulling on the basket – one of the immersion movements.
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But that’s not really bad, but it brings with it part of the challenge – for all those who want to master the gameplay. New throw gauge. Here, for example, it’s about hitting a green area above the scale on a three-point attempt.

Thanks to the new throw meter: three points made easy

This area becomes smaller when the player defends directly in front of the nose or when the distance to the basket increases. In fact, it is very easy to throw triples with a good launcher. However, it is more difficult for players with poor throwing skills, as the bar moves back and forth faster. This makes it difficult to score decisive points, especially in tight matches.

The five opponents attempt to make a foul immediately after a throw-in. The thinking behind it: recover the ball faster in order to catch the points. Here it is important to play a good thrower when throwing. This makes the task of the free throw easier and does not give the opponent any room to catch up.

And what about artificial intelligence? He defends well even at low difficulty levels. We didn’t notice any bugs in the first hours of playing – only the launch feels a bit spongy, as if the tires are low. Once it becomes clear who can launch the first attack, the problem disappears. Otherwise the graphics are great. Arenas, the player faces – the game is not only good, but also looks good.

Stream the item in MyTeam

The only flaw that’s been running across the chain for years: microtransactions. And that’s a shame, because MyTeam mode – the equivalent of FIFA Ultimate Team – offers a lot of possibilities, like the game as a whole. You can design your own T-shirts, fields or logos, and there are many game modes – other than the classic match.

But at the beginning of the situation, you are overwhelmed by the firmness. They usually contain a player, and otherwise consumables. There are a lot of them. Badges, boots, boosters to improve his card.

NBA 2K23 My Team Squad Helper

Many different maps in MyTeam.
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There is no transfer market like FIFA like this, which means that packages are mainly used to get tickets quickly. However, current packages cannot be obtained without using real money. These cost 15,000 MyTeams coins, and between 150 and 200 can be earned through the match.

Also a pity: the reward system. Completing challenges in game modes has a chance to earn many rewards, including a premium map. Problem: Your profit is not guaranteed. After completing a game, you spin a fortune wheel offering different items.


Microtransactions and frequent server issues cloud the picture a bit. By the way, as in our test, the latter can mean that the rewards are not accessible.

However, it is the simulation image that looks just as prevalent. Presentation and graphics complete the picture. And those who are bored with the classic basketball have a lot of variety. 2K has turned the right screws so far. If it wasn’t for the tedious topic of microtransactions, he’d have the makings of the best NBA 2K.

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