‘Big Dogs’ with Martin Rotter: St. Bernard Botwin’s ‘Big Ranger’

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  • In Martin Rütter’s new show “The Big Dogs,” families with large dogs provide insight into their often turbulent daily lives.
  • Saint Bernard Botswine guards his favorite people and barks at every other dog.
  • Leonberger Gunther urgently needs to lose weight, and the Great Dane Merry Christmas is expecting offspring.

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Bigger is better: in Martin Routers The new show “The Big Dogs” (Sundays, 4.45 p.m., RTL) is about XXL dogs and the pitfalls of life with such a pet. In the best way for “Shopping Queen,” the professional dog comments on cases from the studio — and doesn’t skimp on barbs.

Martin Rütter in St. Bernard Bautsuen: ‘This breed is often underestimated’

The young Chivers have a big problem with the Saint Bernard boat. Every gait is like a wrestling match, because the 65-pound dog reacts annoyingly to other dogs. Mom can’t hold the boat, and the master has to put his foot right when the boat starts to bark. A quiet walk with their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter is out of the question for the couple.

Martin Rotter suspects that Potsman wants to protect his family. “This breed is often underestimated, but it can be very regional.” Martin Rütter’s dog trainer Eileen comes to her rescue and immediately notices that Boatswain is checking everything outside and seems very nervous. But he also lies inside and looks out the door to watch everyone: “He’s a very big guard!” , says the coach. Family homework: The boat should be given a fixed place and lead the other dogs outside with treats.

After four weeks, you can see the first training progress. Boatswain seems more relaxed when walking – but not in his garden area. When she receives him, he jumps onto the dog trainer’s thigh with full force and leaves a sloppy paw imprint on her jeans. “He scolded me to the extreme,” Elaine Marquis explains to the Chivers family that her dog “just doesn’t want to play.” Plus, Boatswain still faces the door: “It’s real cheese that he’s lying there like a bouncer — take it seriously!” Be persistent, warns the coach.

Gunther must lose weight – urgently!

The Rademacher family from Bavaria also lacks consistency. Birgit in particular spoils the Leonberger with food wherever she can. The five-year-old dog now weighs 92 kilograms – according to Martin Rotter, about 20 kilograms is too much. Not only does Gunther move around with difficulty, but he also has a reduced life expectancy due to his increased weight: “Physically, he’s in really bad shape,” the canine specialist warns, “if he doesn’t lose weight, he’ll die much sooner.” “

With a weight of 92 kilograms, Leonberger Gunther weighs about 20 kilograms too much and urgently needs to lose weight.


The fact that he regularly suffers from diarrhea should be a warning sign. With her pampering program, a mistress wants nothing but the best for the dog. “I spoil Günther so much,” says Birgit Rademacher. “I can’t help him!” Martin Rütter cleverly sums up the dilemma: “She loves the dog, but in fact it torments him.”

But Birgit knows she desperately needs to change something. Günther’s diet is changed under the supervision of a veterinarian. Instead of chewing sticks, there is only a choice. And lots of practice so that Gunther can enjoy playing again. After six weeks, it’s time for weight control. “Five to six kilograms should have come off in time,” hopes the professional dog. A mistress will be satisfied with a few grams, the main thing is to lose weight.

Result: Gunther lost only 400g. The dog expert is vigilant: “This is not a thing for a six-week diet. You can’t really talk about it right now.” Birgit is still happy: “We’re on the right track, he’s lost weight!” But there is still plenty of room for Gunther to improve.

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Great Dane Pack has offspring

The Kramer family is very excited that the group of eight (!) Great Danes will grow again. Happy Birthday Bitch Merry is on fire and will be covered by Alfons stud dog. Ute’s mom was even more nervous than the dog herself before the act, which makes Martin Rutter smile.

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Eight mastiffs aren’t enough for the Kramer family – one of their dogs is expecting puppies.


But the planned sexual intercourse doesn’t go well: “It’s too heavy and inappropriate for her,” says Martin Rutter skeptically when he sees Alphonse trying to ride the bitch—he keeps slipping to the side. This is usually the case, says a dog expert. Breeders identify the camera team as troublemakers – and when the dogs and their owners withdraw, it eventually works out.

Four weeks later, ultrasound shows: Seven cute dogs growing in the tummy of a bitch! (the classroom)
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