ClockClock will go on a big tour to Germany in the spring of 2023 | Tickets from 14.09.2019 in exclusive Ticketmaster pre-show


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ClockClock, one of the most exciting new bands in German-speaking countries, will be on tour for the first time next year! With several live dates in March and April 2023, you can experience the trio at “WHEN THE SUN DON’T SHINE TOUR” in the (still) intimate club atmosphere! You can grab your first tickets to more than a dozen ClockClock 2023 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland starting Wednesday, September 14th at 10am at the exclusive Ticketmaster Presale, well before the general start of pre-sales!

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ClockClock tickets from Wednesday are here

In 2021 and 2022, music fans in the German-speaking world cannot and will not avoid ClockClock. Despite failed live shows, the trio amassed a large fan base, millions of streams for their songs, and first chart hits with a feature in “Brooklyn” for Glockenbach’s Top 5 singles during the pandemic.

Now the band around musical mastermind Bojan Kalajdich is opening a new chapter in their relatively young career for 2023: in March and April, ClockClock is touring big in clubs across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. in 14 newly announced shows You can watch the band live between March 30th and April 23rd, 2023. You can get tickets on Wednesday, September 14th at 10AM EXCLUSIVELY at Ticketmaster! A quick overview of all the dates of the ClockClock Tour:

clockclock | When The Sun Doesn’t Shine Round 2023 | Appointments + tickets

  • 03/30/2023,

    Munich – AMP

  • 03/31/2023,

    Vienna – Mashhad

  • 04/02/2023,

    Stuttgart – in Weizmann

  • 04/03/2023,

    Freiburg – Jazz House

  • 04/04/2023,

    Zurich – Exile

  • 06.04.2023,

    Cologne – Building 9

  • 15/04/2023,

    Mannheim – the old fire station

  • 04/16/2023,


  • 04/17/2023,

    Dortmund – FZW

  • 04/18/2023,

    Hannover – the center of music

  • 04/20/2023,

    Hamburg Kent club

  • 04/21/2023,

    Berlin Lido

  • 04/22/2023,

    Leipzig – Neumann

  • 04/23/2023,

    Dresden – Groove Station

Exclusive pre-show from September 14th, 10am!

ClockClock tickets for 2023

We look back at ClockClock’s two eventful years, which took them from the inner end of southern Germany’s indie pop scene to… This year’s hottest new arrivals projectile. Gathered at the famous Pop-Akademie in Baden-Württemberg, where famous artists such as Alice Merton and Joris laid the foundation for their successful music careers, the Mannheim collective has become an integral part of well-stocked playlists and radio. By its features with Glockenbach ClockClock 2021 achieved more popularity for the first time, and a little later the trio succeeded with the super hit “Sorry” Then the first blow on its own.

New ClockClock song “Someone Else” released

We still have to be patient for ClockClock’s first album. The prediction for the upcoming first round of the clock across the clubs of the Republic in Spring 2023 has recently been increased by New song “Someone Else” which will be released on September 9 had become. As with the previous songs of the three musicians, the charismatic and emotional voice of lead Bojan Kalajdzic is the focus of the new story, shrouded in cool, melancholy vocals and rhythms by two DJs and producers Fabian Fieser and Mark Vonsin.

Even with the new single, ClockClock sticks to their own Mix of pop, hip-hop, singer-songwriter and electronic elements faithful. Singer-songwriter Bojan Kalajdic addresses personal experiences and emotional themes in his songs.

Each piece is an examination of my feelings, I want to write about the things that touch me and that I also touch to my listeners. I can’t fake anything I don’t feel like myself. In music I capture what I think and feel. Although I’ve been writing on the same topic for a long time: love is just an exciting thing; Although my view is constantly changing in songs.”

Bojan Calajdic (ClockClock)

How does this look? See and listen for yourself:

The new song has also received many streams in a very short time since its release. The hype is real: We’re already looking forward to what we can expect from ClockClock in terms of songs, features, and musical tastes ahead of the upcoming 2023 tour. Grab your tickets for WHEN DON’T SHINE TOUR 2023 on Wednesday and count the hours so you can experience the great sound of singer Bojan Kalajdzic in the intimate club atmosphere of March and April! We say: Don’t miss it!

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