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radio. It goes in the ear. Consider: Global Warming – What Animals Say About It

A new kind of spots from the radio station. Three new spot shapes focus on the theme of sustainability and give voice to animals whose habitats are disappearing faster and faster due to global warming. Also in the context that radio advertising has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of all media. The design was developed with Grabarz & Partner in collaboration with students from the Hamburg School of Ideas and produced by Studio Funk.

Sustainability is a social issue that requires a rethinking of customary patterns of behavior and structures. In the advertising industry, this applies to consumers, brands, products, and of course to the advertising media used. In all three sectors, there has been an awareness in recent years that changes are necessary. Consumers include sustainability in their purchasing decisions and companies are looking for new ways to produce and market. Accordingly, the choice of advertising medium, regardless of whether it is related to sales or image building, is an important building block when it comes to sustainability.

The three new campaign sites for each radio focus once again on the common goal – climate change – with all the diverse aspects, but above all, the positive aspects and methods being developed in the advertising industry. Because global warming is progressing and threatening the natural habitats of humans and animals. In contrast to the usual funny tones of campaign websites, a serious tone is used to emphasize the urgency of the topic. The spots are located in Antarctica, the Indian Ocean, and the rainforests. A reporter interviews a female polar bear, dolphin and orangutan to hear what local animals have to say about global warming. Thus a voice is given to those who are most affected by the issue of global warming and even more than the people already threatened by.

“Changes towards a sustainable society take time, but they are more urgent than ever. Here is every important contribution to a common goal. This also applies to the choice of advertising medium. According to a survey by Appinio/Mediascale, advertising medium sustainability plays a key role for 63 percent of decision makers in marketing, Grit Leithäuser, Managing Director of Broadcasting Headquarters. “And radio advertising is one of the building blocks towards sustainability, because advertising in no other medium causes reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Reaching millions of people with climate-friendly messages every day is a unique and crucial selling point for our medium in the current debate on the use of advertising media.”

Mediaplus’ GRP calculator, which sets itself the task of calculating CO2 emissions for advertising campaigns, came to the conclusion that radio advertising has by far the lowest CO2 emissions of all media. *

Climate change is a serious issue. That is why we consciously chose a tone more serious than is known from the radio headquarters. The progress of climate change cannot be stopped with one measure, but with many different measures. This also includes the responsibility of advertisers to know what medium and advertising formats they use to cause carbon dioxide emissions. Radio is certainly not a way to improve the world here, but it can make an important contribution in this context.” Ralph Hewel, general manager of construction at Grabarz & Partner.

Created by Grabarz & Partner: Ralf Heuel & Christian Fritsche

Hamburg School of Ideas: Pauline Becker, Christina Heigwald, Clarissa Mirza

Advice: Antonia Willst

Produced by Studio Funk, Hamburg. Sound Engineer: Torsten Hennings

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*This is the result of the Mediaplus Green-GRP calculator, which can be found here:

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