Vogue and Janina: “The Kids Are Right”

And they’re not just musicians, artists and actors – as official ambassadors of the Catholic Youth Agency in Cologne, Vogue and Janina also support young people in need and children’s rights. Just in time for World Children’s Day on 20.9. They have now recorded the song “We Are Kids With Rights!” with school children. The goals are ambitious: children’s rights must become fundamental rights.

“Children’s rights are human rights,” says the song that Vogue and Janina recently recorded on CD. It is a project of the Catholic Youth Agency (KJA) in Cologne, carried out in collaboration with children from Edith Stein School in Fritchen.

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And the children sing happily to themselves. There is talk of education without violence, equal opportunities for all, the right to play, laughter and a private life (see text below for download).

It comes in the form of pop and fast beats, but has a serious background: “The song is a call for adults to finally implement these rights. It’s couched in children’s language,” Janina Burgmer explains.

Children’s rights are enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. They include, among other things, the best interests of the child, the right to life, the identity, or the will of the child.

This seems obvious, but it is not.

“Rights are not part of fundamental rights in Germany,” explains Project Director and Head of Communications Daniel Konin of KJA Cologne. Fug and Janina want to change that with Konen. We have now launched the Children’s Rights Project.

World Children’s Day: “Together for Children’s Rights” – this is the theme for this year’s International Children’s Day on September 20. The German Children’s Fund and UNICEF Germany are calling for a more consistent focus on children’s rights. More information

All three know there is a lot to research. Because rights are also accompanied by obligations to perform.

Schools focus on the subject

But it worked, the children’s rights song was well received: “We’ve had a lot of requests from schools about the song,” Konin explains. A CD and a video tape will make teachers and children aware of the subject.

Fug Morente Gómez reports from schools in Bergisch Gladbach that want to focus on the topic in the near future. He reveals “Strong Children and Strong Schools”.

There is also something going on on the political scene: “The children’s committee in the German Bundestag has come forward. They want to bring the song to Berlin,” Konin says happily.

But he remains realistic: “Let’s see how far we can go.”

positive outlook

Konin says the collaboration with Fug and Janina has been going on for a long time. Since the summer, the two musicians have been official ambassadors for KJA Cologne.

We were simply looking for people who would present the cause of children’s rights with a positive message. “There’s no point in just pointing out the impotence,” Konin says.

International Children’s Day Festival in Cologne
September 18, in Heumarkt
With Pelemele, Fug and Janina along with kids from Edith Stein School in Frechen (from 2:15 p.m.) and other actors. A personal autograph session at the KJA stand in Cologne. More information

“This is no longer an entertaining song,” Konin says. Janina adds: “The message is: We have these rights, so take care of yourself!”

You and Fug know what you’re talking about. “Precisely because we are parents, we know the importance of children’s rights.”

More information

Catholic Youth Agency in Cologne on the Internet
Vogue and Janina in KJA Cologne
Music for Children 3 – 99 – Website by Fug and Janina


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