3 stars bring love and success!

Big Luck September 2022: 3 stars that bring love and success!

The auspicious full moon in Pisces has been behind us for a while now. His positive energies still have an effect. Before they weaken, they rebound with three brilliant stars.

Mercury, the Sun and Venus now present us with a chance to find a new courage to face life in spite of all adversities and burdens. To master current challenges with optimism and leadership. These stars come at the right time for all of us. Let’s welcome them into our lives!

Thus, the season of Libra begins on September 23

The highly spiritual full moon of Pisces has brought more vigilance and serenity into your life. this is peaceful energy You’ll dig deeper as the Libra Equinox period begins on Friday, September 23, 2022.

Since this year’s Libra New Moon is already two days after the start of fall, you can already look forward to the upcoming weekend and A particularly enjoyable start to the golden season Be happy. In the earlier days, it’s time to say goodbye to the hot, emotional summer days and get ready for the cold days. But at the same time you can count on the abundance of the past few weeks and Reap the rich harvest in matters of love, happiness and success.

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Mercury and Jupiter help with finances

Right at the beginning of the week of September 19, 2022, there is an inspiring side between Mercury, which travels retrograde through Virgo at this time, and the generous Aries-Jupiter provides the best conditions for this. When the two constellations face each other directly in the celestial tent, this creates a The lucky hand in financial matters It promises you the best prospects for new profitable ventures.

Even the plans you had to get rid of over the summer are now gaining momentum again! On the same day, wise Virgo and attractive Pluto form a harmonious trio – for you this means more confidence in your appearance, Increase self-confidence A clear awareness of the tasks you can handle and the ones you might overdo. Take advantage of this cosmic gift and start making plans for a more realistic fall in the next few days.

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This is how Venus and Uranus affect your love life

While you should make better use of the first half of the week to prepare for your professional and financial harvest successes, as of Thursday, September 22, 2022, happy moments in love on me. Then passionate Venus, goddess of love, and short-tempered and very spontaneous Uranus meet in the sky in an exciting constellation: It’s delicately crackling in the starry world – And not just there. Because the exciting vibrations that Uranus and Venus give off now will surely make themselves felt in your life.

Hot flirtation with a stranger, an unexpected revival of a relationship that almost ended, sudden love that hits you like a slap … When you meet the goddess of love and the god of unpredictability, everything is possible except for boredom. And since Lady Venus faces dreamy Neptune on the weekends, it will also be romantic. Very emotional hours are coming.

The fact that the Sun enters the Libra structure on Friday ensures that these unexpected love successes will last longer than a brief moment. On this day, Mercury again takes part in the weekly events: it not only forms an active association with Libra, but also briefly travels to Virgo. Now you can find out which of your career and financial plans will prove successful in the long run.

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The new Libra moon concludes the lucky week

As if this week did not have enough lucky moments, it also closes with the new Libra moon. A perfect time to feel inside and find more inner balance. The more you learn to rest within yourself, the more your wallet and your love life will benefit.

So, It is better to look at summer successes with your loved onesGet rid of exaggerated fears about the future and exaggerated expectations for yourself and those around you. Then this lucky week will not be a one-time experience, but rather a prelude to long-term success and well-being.

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