Use digital access for news and advertising

The photographer uploads a new movie into his camera; The car mechanic who still spoils the truck; the driver who leaves the passenger with him alone with a falk card that is difficult to fold; And guys trying to save a salad bar, catch the latest hit show on the radio, or manually skip the disc. Good old time analogue! Even if, as a nostalgic, you like to remember the simple things (except for maps) from the past year, today you still appreciate digitization, which makes many things easier in almost all areas of our lives and gets you there faster. While at that time there was no chance of knowing what was happening in the world, except for the black daily newspaper and the eight o’clock news on TV, today the news can be accessed online around the clock. Daily newspapers are offered online as well as pure media portals providing their users with news and information.

Media portals provide news, tips and other services

The pivot points of Internet portals are determined differently. Some provide news from all over the world, others mix it with regional news, and finally some specialize exclusively in local news. Regions, neighborhoods and cities that put current topics online locally and update them around the clock are becoming increasingly popular with internet users. For example, has compiled everything about the town of Grimma and the county of Leipzig on its website. Under the News heading, users can learn about general information about the region, as well as news related to the region, but sponsored items are also listed here. The media portal has expanded the news section with a blog. Other services include weather and traffic, the job market and real estate, and a small gateway for animals looking for a new home. In addition, the Grimma media portal has recognized the trend towards online guides, which it presents to its readers as another plus. In the sections Travel, Law, Home and Garden as well as Health and Sports, users will find topics that interest them.

Online marketing agencies help improve website ranking

While the user quickly finds what he is looking for on the Internet, it is not so easy to find Internet portals, but also companies, so quickly. It is therefore well advised to seek professional advice from online marketing agencies when planning a website. Experts know what is important when it comes to finding a website not only for the desired target group, but also for random surfers. Content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising are just some of the areas where online marketing agency puts its clients ahead of Google & Co. First, he started analyzing the SEO of the client’s site. Finally, based on this analysis, SEO professionals can take action to improve page rank. In addition to the content, the content of the page in the form of text, images, illustrations, videos and keywords also plays a major role in the ranking. It’s not just about their choice, but also their position on the page. After all, page link building is also a factor that not only convinces search engines, but also generates clicks. Also here, PerformanceLiebe and their internal link building agency have specialized in increasing the findability of websites for clients with purported backlinks. These links from other websites point to your own website. The more serious backlink pages are, the higher they rank in Google. SEO experts know that there are bad backlinks, too. These arise, among other things, from SEO focusing on quantity rather than quality or from unreasonable purchases of links. Businesses or portals can ask experts to create backlink analysis to increase the visibility of their website.

Search engine advertising has a huge impact on marketing

The broad scope of Internet marketing demonstrates the key role that search engines play for online businesses and portals. Google & Co. is not. Important factors in finding us not only on the Internet, but also in advertising. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is part of online marketing and it’s not free, but it has a huge impact. Customers can purchase space for ads in search engine results listings. Since people all over the world use Google many times a day, the chances of generating clicks are especially good here. SEA does not contain the intrusive type of so-called pop-up ads that allow users to browse again very quickly. Instead, they feel they are well aware of the SEA ad, because it is shown to them by Google when they search. SEA consulting is also a task for online marketing agencies, with experts from PerformanceLiebe providing their expert knowledge of the in-house Google Advertising Agency.

Online ads as banners or content ads

Another way to advertise on the Internet is online ads. By placing banners, companies can, for example, present their services or products on other websites. Banner space is provided either by the external website operator or by an agency. You can choose between different banner sizes, which then appear with a link on the other provider’s website. The Grimma media portal also provides a space for online advertising with header banners, foot banners or sidebar banners. But options such as advertising content in the form of editorial contributions or advice and support in the social networks of regional service providers from Grimma and Leipzig are also available on this portal. After all, the Grimma media portal averages 300,000 visitors and more than 440,000 page views per month, making it one of the largest online platforms in this Saxony region. So companies can take advantage of this range by advertising online and recruiting potential customers.

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