Dog breeds for beginners: seven suitable breeds

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Many novice dogs who buy a pet without any background knowledge quickly become overwhelmed. These breeds are especially suitable for beginners.

A dog is man’s best friend. However, only if a human also knows how to handle an animal. During the Corona pandemic in particular, a lot of people got a dog, but it also happens time and time again that people decide to get a pet on a whim. This step should not be considered well just so that the animal is not abandoned in the highway service area during the next summer vacation or ends up at the animal shelter because it is overwhelmed. As a beginner, you should gather enough information beforehand. This includes the choice of dog breed, because there are significant differences.

Girl playing with Golden Retriever © IMAGO / YAY Images

For the first dog, you should choose an animal of a balanced, uncomplicated and friendly nature that remains calm and patient – even if the novice master does not yet know exactly what to do. Suitable breeds are Bichon Frisé, Golden Retriever, Havanese, Maltese, Pug, Papillon or Poodle.

Choosing the first dog: These are the easiest dog breeds to take care of

subordinate Bichon Freeze He is a curly puppy who barely sheds any hair at all. In addition, he is not more than 30 cm tall and does not bark much, although he loves to take care of his master or mistress. He is open to strangers and has a calm demeanor.

Bichon Frise are very lovable little dogs
Bichon Frise are very lovable little dogs. (Iconic image) © agefotostock / Imago

subordinate Golden Retriever He is a large dog in comparison, he can measure up to 60cm, but sometimes he has the sweetest trait of all. He is ideal as a family dog ​​because he is very empathetic and has a lot of patience with children. Golden Retrievers love to walk long distances and are also very intelligent animals, requiring little training to learn basic canine commands. Good choice, especially for beginners.

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever (icon image) © agefotostock / Imago

subordinate Havanese He is also a very uncomplicated dog with a length of up to 27 cm that every dog ​​lover will enjoy. He is intelligent and alert, but always remains calm and only becomes aggressive in extreme emergency situations. He loves to be the center of attention and is suitable as a family dog ​​as he has a particularly playful and playful nature for children.

Nice brown havanese
Nice brown havanese. (Iconic image) © agefotostock / Imago

Maltese Reaching only 25 cm in size, they are very loyal animals that like to follow their owner everywhere and tend to stay away from strangers. So he is well suited as a companion or family dog, cheerful and affectionate. Because of his curious nature, he loves expeditions and is also suitable as a playmate for children.

Maltese puppy
Maltese puppy. (Iconic image) © Shotshop / Imago

subordinate Clay His height reaches 36 cm. Despite his angry appearance, he has a very gentle personality. He’s also a family dog, but he can be a little tough when he’s not getting what he wants. But if the dog is happy and well trained, then it is a social animal that loves children and has absolutely no hunting instincts.

Pug (avatar) © Shotshop / Imago

subordinate poodle Although he has a reputation for being a luxurious dog, he is actually a very dear playmate. Sub-breeds of various sizes from miniature to king poodle are affectionate and lovable family dogs. Comfortable animals are also well suited for the elderly. Additionally, poodles are very curious and intelligent, which makes them easy to train for beginners as well.

poodle puppy
Poodle puppy (avatar) © Shotshop / Imago

dog breed Babylon He is no more than 28 cm tall and is a true cuddly dog. Papillons have a strong need for support when it comes to their master. They tend to feel shy about strangers. Animals are sensitive and attentive, and despite their small stature, they can withstand a lot, for example, take part in long trips.

Papillon (avatar) © agefotostock / Imago

Which dog suits me best?

In the end, each person and each family has to decide for themselves which dog best suits their everyday life. Any dog ​​can become a loving family member as long as it is properly trained. It is also important to realize that dogs drool and drool and can turn a person’s life upside down. If the hair on the couch bothers you, for example, you can choose a dog that doesn’t shed much, like the Bichon Frisé.

Or whether you would choose a large, comfortable dog like the Poodle, a graceful little dog like the Papillon, or a cheerful little companion like the Maltese, depends on your lifestyle. Find a dog that suits you and give him a loving home. In return, you get a loving four-legged friend as a friend.

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