Horror gardens? Please don’t! In this way, it provides shelter for insects in the fall and winter

Insects are important to nature – that’s why we must provide them with a habitat. dpa / Silas stone

There are good and bad sides to most things in the world, and the same is true of the animal world. Insects are the best example: opinions differ on them. There are those we consider “good”: bees, bumblebees, beetles, butterflies. But also those with whom we would rather not meet. Mosquitoes, wasps and spiders too, which many consider insects, but not because they belong to the arachnids family. But as frightening and annoying as some may find, insects are useful animals. That is why we must create a habitat for them.

Dedicated gardeners can easily provide insects with shelter

This is especially important now, in the fall. Animal experts advise, for example, gardeners and property owners, not only to prepare wintering places for hedgehogs and the like, but also to take care of insects. And this is much needed – you can see it everywhere in Berlin. Because: Many people’s desire for a clean, well-groomed front yard results in exotic, exotic blooms.

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In the social network Facebook, for example, there is a page “Gärten des Grauens” – nature lovers collect photos of front gardens especially hostile to nature. So: flowerbeds on which not a single plant grows, which are instead filled with gravel. Plots, completely paved or asphalted, have small islands on which “fond gardeners” have planted conifers.

This is more than just a pile of rocks in the corner of a garden: it is home to many animals.
This is more than just a pile of rocks in the corner of a garden: it is home to many animals. Registered Association dpa / IVA

There are even people covering the treeboards in front of the front door – the small natural oases of the city in particular – with pebbles so white that nothing grows. Particularly ridiculous: photos of gardens appear again and again where signs are advertised “honey from their own beekeeping”, although not a single flower grows, everything is pebbles. You don’t even have to travel far to marvel at such gardens live: I have also encountered such truly impossible gardens in the immediate vicinity around Karlshorst.

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But: there is also the opposite program. Gardens covered with plants everywhere, a real treat for bees, butterflies and their partners to feel at home here – and that’s a good thing. Because: Animals pollinate food plants, fight pests, provide nutrients to the soil and are part of the food chain. According to the Federal Ministry of Environment, many birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals such as bats, shrews, hedgehogs, and badgers are like them.

Insect hotels: beetles and other reptiles really feel comfortable here!

Strolling through the allotment gardens in the area, I still found the so-called insect hotels – wooden structures covered with various natural materials in which reptiles can retreat. I especially like the idea of ​​the bee-friendly chewing gum machines. ever heard?

Butterfly landing on a meadow under the sun.
Butterfly landing on a meadow under the sun. DBA/Sina Schuldt

There are old chewing machines in some places on the street, from which you can pull out small “seed bombs” instead of candy, that is, balls of dirt filled with plant seeds. If you throw such a ball somewhere, then a small mini-garden can form there.

But: How can you make your own garden, and your property, more insect friendly? This is not at all difficult – it is especially important now, at the beginning of autumn, to provide shelter for animals with protection from cold, rain and wind. Example: a pile of stones!

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It sounds simple, however: a small heap with heaped stones and a little larger one provides shelter for the insects thanks to several crevices – and smaller reptiles like lizards also have a chance to sunbathe on it. To give the pile suspension, the joints can be filled with some clay or loam – this way everything will hold together a little better.

A bee sitting on sweet peas in a garden.
A bee sitting on sweet peas in a garden. DBA / Oliver Berg

But a simple stack of wood is also a good solution. Wild bees in particular do something good with it. But that’s not all: blackbirds, robins and birds also breed throughout spring and summer. Leaf or brush piles also help, and hedgehogs can also find shelter here.

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A good old compost pile is a good place for reptiles. Therefore: it is better not to arrange the garden very scrupulously – what we consider a disturbance can be a very important habitat for small reptiles.

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