Big encouragement to the dog park in Eaglesbach – but not at any cost

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to: Nicole Jost

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On the edge of the Herchwiesen Nature Reserve: Claudia Zchernik (center) explains the ban on walking. © Jost

Claudia Zchernik’s call worked: a local SPD vice president and local community representative is aware of dog owners’ problems, as she’s had a four-legged family member for some time. Together with about 15 dog owners, some with or without leashed pets, she listens to the concerns and needs of dog owners for a walk on the edge of the Brühl, receiving suggestions with her and making connections.

Eaglesbach – The background of the meeting is a political issue that has already been put on the agenda of the Eaglesbach Parliament. “We have an application for testing. The administration should inform the politicians of the number of dogs and the amount of the dog tax. In addition, we asked them to discuss potential plots for the fenced dog operating area,” Zchernik explains at the outset. The Social Democrats have already received feedback from the city council. The desired figures have already been collected and will be presented together with the property proposals for the dogs area at the next meeting of municipal representatives on October 13. “It is important for me to hear from you on site about the mood and what you want. Dog lawns can be a topic, as well as distributing dog waste bag dispensers,” Zchernik invites dog owners to engage in a dialogue.

Discussion about forced leash

The message is clear. Dog owners in Egelsbach want a fenced outdoor area for their four-legged family members. “However, it is important to me that this occurs without restrictive compliance in all areas of Egelsbach and in the surrounding fields after the breeding and planting season,” emphasizes Manfred Himmel and only obtains consent for this information. Moving freely in a fenced area is not an option for many. For Maren Velo, the deciding factor in a dog park is that it provides a space for dogs to socialize, but it can also be a place to meet people. Andrea Borkowitz suggests that the area should be divisible if possible to allow large and small dogs to play safely. “Water and electricity to keep dogs hydrated and get a little light later in the winter would be great,” Borkowitz says.

Claudia Zchernik tries to avoid any discussion of the appropriate place: “In the end, the task of the administration can only be to search for a suitable property. After all, it must be owned by the community. ” The deputy head of the SPD parliamentary group announced that he would be happy to take care of the possibility of funding the dog park, which the initiators of the establishment of a dog-free zone in Weiterstadt, for example, also received.

Problems in the Egelsbach Nature Reserve

The tour takes the group through the Herchwiesen Nature Reserve. For some time now, the area has been conspicuously closed to all kinds of pedestrian traffic with signage. Once the group has passed there, another group of dog owners turns straight across the meadow into the small trails. “Of course, this ban is painful because it is nice to walk the trails. But there are clear rules for the nature reserve. In the end, these signs were also the reason why we thought the dog park made sense,” says Zchernik. At this point, Dieter Ohler speaks. For more than 30 years, conservationists have been responsible for bird protection in Langen and Egelsbach and report problems with reckless dog owners. “Nature and animals need protection and this nature reserve is the highest level of protection the area can have. It is really unacceptable for people to walk in the middle with their dogs – not even with a dog on a leash,” the nature and bird expert hopes for further understanding and reflection.

After two hours of fun conversations, hints and suggestions, the group split up. Claudia Zchernik declares that she is looking for a majority in local politics in Eaglesbach for a dog-fenced area. (by Nicole Jost)

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