The starting signal for Autumn Hiking in Beilngrieser

In nature, there is a lot of fun even for the little ones. Photo: Christopher Adam

By Regina Adam

Billingris – Summer and bathing season may be over, but no one has to sit at home alone now. The Billings Tourist Information Center has put together a whole series of “Autumn Adventure Tours” that focus on the motto “It’s Just More Fun Together.” Whether it’s a picnic in the middle of a beautiful landscape or an expedition to interesting places – put your shoes on and let’s go with the like-minded people! Unless otherwise stated, the following applies to all dates: Registration is required by 4pm on the Friday before the tour at the latest at the Tourist Information Office, Hauptstraße 14, phone (08461) 8435 or email to The cost is five euros per person, and participants under the age of 18 can attend for free. Each activity lasts two to three hours, and in order to be done, at least six people must register.

Not just a mountain of stones: Arzberg makes history visible. With its 70-meter-high walls in a quarry near Kottingwörth, it documents a sedimentation period of about five million years. Hundreds of layers of Malm limestone pile up here and allow a glimpse into the evolution of life in the Upper Jura. Tour guide Maria Kaufmann presents and explains this geographical location, which is one of the most beautiful areas in Bavaria, to the participants on Sunday 18 September. Participants begin at 4 pm in the Geotop car park between Kottingwörth and Töging under the theme “Day of the Geotope – Malm Layers on Arzberg”.

Proud to catch the eye in the Hirschberg district: A guided tour of Hirschberg Castle with its long and eventful history, dating back to the 12th century, will also take place on Sunday 18 September. Another date for the tour has been set for Sunday, October 23. Start at 4 pm in the castle courtyard. Towering high above Bellingeres is the hunting and hunting lodge erected by the former Prince-Bishop, which is now the parish of Eichstatt Diocese. In a great location, fortified medieval, graceful Rococo, and modern architecture combine to create a special atmosphere that enchants visitors. Adults pay three euros for this tour, children pay one euro.

Live like the old days: Participants of the adventure tour under the theme “All Kinds of Secret” can take a trip to the past. History and stories are brought together on a guided walk through the historic Old Town of Billings. Suddenly, former citizens such as a fleur, a customs officer, or a spirit nun stand before the participants, who then experience what life was like in Bellingeres in the Middle Ages. The evening tour begins on Sunday 25 September at 9 pm in front of the church. Adults pay €5.50, participants under the age of 18 are free of charge.

Should you look for a reservation: A Walking Tour with Al-Haraji will take place on Sunday 25 September. Participants will meet former forest ranger Georg Deutch at 1.30 pm at the Bellengreiser landing pad on the Main-Danube Channel. From here, the tour, which is about eight kilometers long, initially climbs steadily to the Sichelberg Plateau. Participants learn about the special features of the beech forest. Beech is the “primitive tree” of Europe and characterizes our region in many ways. Beech forests are explained as a unique habitat for animals and plants, but there is also something to be learned about the importance of beech wood to us as humans. The way back passes through Birchtal with its charming semi-arid grasslands before you reach your starting point again.

Cows, chickens and farm adventures: A hike on Monday, October 3, from Hirschberg to Caldorf leads to the organic adventure farm run by the Betz family. The tour, which is about seven kilometers long, begins at 1.30 pm at the observation point in Hirschberg above Gaisberg. From here, tour guide Maria Kaufmann escorts participants through the village of Hirschberg and then across the fields to the Betz family’s organic adventure farm, about three kilometers away. Once in, there is an hour tour of the farm, where different animals such as suckling cows in the pasture or laying hens in the mobile barn can be seen. Then back to Hirschberg.

cheers: For more than 600 years, beer has been brewed at the Schattenhofer brewery according to the Bavarian law of purity. Even today, Schattenhofer Hahn (Bels) and Hirsch (Hels) are prepared with love, craftsmanship, and tradition. Local barley and hops from Kindinger Seal District are the foundation of good quality. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can take part in a guided tour of the Schattenhofer brewery on Thursday, October 6. Registration is required directly at the hostel, tel (08461) 64130. The cost of the tour, including a drink, is 9.50 euros. The minimum number of participants is ten people. After the tour, one of the beers, Hahn or Hirsch, can be tried in Bräustüberl.

high above: A hike in the Altmühlberg on Sunday, October 16, is performed by tour guide Monika Schlag. Start at 1.30pm in the car park in the direction of Paulushofen, turn right after the roundabout. From here, participants first have to master the steep climb in the direction of Paulushofen, then pass Swingolf-Platz, cross the village and hike to the viewing point “Heiliger Felsen”. From here there is one of the most beautiful views of Kottingwörth. The participants then walk through the stables of the Celtic Castle back to the starting point.

Bathing in the forest without water: Elisabeth Hovelmeier invites you to the Mind Walk “Smile, Breathe, and Walk Slowly” on Sunday 16 October. Start at 5 pm in the car park of the Kratzmühle restaurant. Autumnal colors of nature invite you to consciously perceive them. Slow, mindful, meditative thoughts and physical and pastoral exercises help participants, under the guidance of a tour guide, to find their inner selves, experience closeness to nature and draw strength for everyday life. At the end of the tour, Forest Energy – Forest Bathing – Forest Health are terms all participants may want to incorporate into their daily relaxation routine. Registration is required directly by email to A maximum of ten people aged 16 or over can participate.

On the paths of the water veins: Passionate Detector Reinhold Pelzel will lead participants on the ‘Detector Tour – Trail of Water Veins and Earth Rays’ on Sunday, October 23. Start at 2 pm in Maria-Hilf-Chapel, opposite Rewe Market. A variety of trails lead to Old Germanic Wodansburg. From here, participants can enjoy a wide view of the Altmühltal Nature Park in a historic setting. During the tour, hikers discover water veins with a detector rod in hand under expert supervision and learn all sorts of interesting things about the meaning and effect of earth rays.

in history: On Saturdays, September 17 and 24 and October 1, 8, 15 and 22 there will be a guided tour through the historic Old Town of Billings with a guide at 5 pm. The meeting point is the church’s front yard. Adults pay 3.50 euros, participants under the age of 18 can attend for free.


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