Child Benefit Increase Not for Hartz IV Children?

Compared to the “T-Online” portal, the Federal Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth Affairs, Lisa Bowes, noted the potential for increased child benefits. So far, child benefit has been counted as “income” with Hartz IV, which is why children in needy communities don’t get anything.

Hartz IV critic and former Jobcentre employee Inge Hahnemann calls on the minister in an open letter to eliminate discrimination against those who are not entitled to basic insurance benefits.

Child allowance will be increased

Paus announced to the media portal that he wanted to significantly increase the usefulness of the child. “In addition to adjusting the standard Hartz IV rates, this is a way to support poor families in a targeted way. Poor families with children are certainly part of the group that needs more relief,” the minister said. Child allowances for the first three children will rise to 237 euros each, the minister said. .

According to the plans of the Federal Government, the increase will take place on January 1, 2023. For the first and second child, this will be an increase of 18 euros per month. For the third child, the child allowance will increase by 12 euros per month. For a family with two children, this increases by 432 euros per year. For a family with three children, this will be 576 euros more per year.

Hearts 4 kids get nothing

However, child benefits are added to the basic guarantee of unemployment benefit II according to SGB II and to basic insurance according to SGB XII (in old age and in case of reduced earning capacity), which especially affects parents who are unable to work at an early age.

Apparently, the child’s benefit will continue to be taken into account for the benefit of the planned citizen until the implementation of child protection. A child’s benefit is taken into account like income. “This is actually against the system, as one parent is usually entitled to child benefit. Every positive increase in child benefit goes unnoticed by those who are entitled to benefits in the basic insurance scheme,” Hahnemann reports.

Clear discrimination against children in Hartz IV and social assistance

Because children affected by Hartz IV have none of the increase. “They are disadvantaged compared to those who do not deserve basic insurance benefits,” Hahnemann criticizes. The income gap is widening further and the affected children will not end up in poverty. Thus, the family minister’s stated goal of approximately 1.5 million children on Hartz 4 is outdated.

Basic Child Security Only from 2025

According to the Traffic Light Coalition’s plans, the envisioned basic child security will not be implemented until 2025. So the former duty station employee asks: “What respect do you show for children and their parents in the Basic Safety System and how do you want to tackle poverty here? As Federal Minister for Family Affairs, You are also responsible for the children of families affected by poverty!”

So maintenance, alimony advances, child benefits, and student jobs should not be taken into account for children simply because they grew up in a so-called Hartz IV family.

The purpose of the child benefit is “to raise children with equal opportunities and not for parents to feed themselves or pay rent, electricity and bills.” Thus, the politicians’ reference to children that equal opportunity does not apply to the 1.5 million children of poverty-affected families in Hartz IV is wrong. According to Hahnemann, this is what children learn.

Taking into account child entitlement leads to fewer training opportunities

There is a shortage of skilled labor in Germany. Not enough skilled workers are trained. However, in order to be able to focus on school or training, children need a sufficiently stable environment that opens up every opportunity for training.

This also includes a sufficiently healthy diet and technical equipment for parents to be able to provide for their children.

We don’t need new workers in the low wage sector, we need skilled workers. It is up to you, Mrs. Bowes, to provide the 1.5 million future skilled workers with the necessary tools so that they can successfully complete school and training,” says Eng Hanemann, Emotional Appeal.

Accounting must be completed

So the job of the family minister is to look after all parts of the population and not just for the benefit of a few. Hannemann therefore demands the immediate termination of recipients of benefits under SGB II and SGB XII. As is known, only money can help in the fight against poverty.

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