Keep away from moles in the garden – it is not necessary to fight the animal

Moles in the garden can be a real nuisance. There are simple tricks to get rid of them gently. In this way the animals remain healthy.

NRW – Gardeners know the dilemma: You don’t really want to harm moles, but on the other hand, unaesthetic mounds quickly ensure that a well-kept garden in your home garden becomes a true pole slope full of tripping hazards. If animals are a real thorn in your side, you can drive them out with a few simple tricks – carefully, keep in mind, RUHR24 knows.

European mole Mammals of the mole family, in the order of insects
world name Talpa europaea
save status safe (stable)

Moles are a real nuisance to many gardeners – the animals are protected

The most important thing first: According to the German Nature Conservation Union (Nabu), moles are “expressly protected by law”. again Ndr I mentioned, that they have been under nature protection in Germany since 1988.

It is strictly forbidden to hunt, hunt, injure or even kill them without a special permit from the Nature Conservancy. day 24. Violations can even result in a painfully large fine, which can be up to 50,000 euros depending on the federal state.

As a result, it is forbidden to disturb the lifestyle of semi-blind moles, including the destruction of places of rest and underground reproduction. Touching their widely branching labyrinths of tunnels, which according to Ndr It can be up to 2000 square meters and therefore taboo. Naboo explains that if you have moles in your garden, you can be happy.

According to Nabu, moles have various advantages – they help fight pests

After all, their presence indicates “that the soil is healthy and that there are many microorganisms in the soil that make up the nutritional base of moles.” According to Nabu, earthworms, caterpillars and also garden pests such as caterpillars, snails or snail larvae are on the list of moles.

Another advantage of having a mole in the garden: It keeps mare away “thanks to its territorial behaviour,” you know 24 garden. Raised soil is also ideal for cool beds, raised beds, and buckets.

Gardeners aren’t at the mercy of moles – simple tricks keep them away

Many gardens are dotted with little heaps of land, especially during the mating season between January and March or when they are looking for their own plots in the summer. And while its use for the garden is undeniable, many gardening enthusiasts view the mole as an unwelcome guest and not to be closely monitored due to the stated legal requirements.

But that doesn’t mean you should sit idly by and watch the little worker happily pile up on the floor. According to Nabu, the following measures can be used to keep small mammals out of your garden without injuring them or even killing them through the use of chemicals or traps. Each method has its pros and cons.

Noise and vibration keep moles away – running on the grass helps

who regularly Noise and movement The lawn has to ensure that sensitive animals can escape quickly on their own. Loud noises caused by, for example, dogs or children playing or a lawn mower cause vibrations in the ground.

Almost moles are allergic to it. According to Nabu, the empty tin cans, mounted on metal poles, stuck in the ground and moved by the wind, also ensured a uniform noise level.

Pinwheels, wooden posts and mole arresters can increase noise levels

Another recommendation is to put wooden pegs in the dirt piles and press them down regularly. The resulting ringing in the ears ensures that the mole is quickly looking for a distance. annoying 24 garden Small windmills for children should also help, provided they are stuck in dirt mounds.

Mole deterrents are also supposed to keep animals away. Although small appliances cause disturbing vibrations and sounds in the ground, they must be prepared in larger numbers and also “moved regularly”. Disadvantage: the noise of the device can disturb other animals and other people.

Moles are indeed useful, but they are a thorn in the side of many gardeners.

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Smell & Barriers – Smelly brew can help in hallways and mole barriers

If “dripping into the aisles in small quantities,” Nabu explains, “a drink of tree needles, elderberry or garlic” can also keep the animals away. subordinate going It is prohibited for moles. Consequently Ndr The scent of the imperial crown, whose leaves and bulbs are toxic to humans, also keeps moles away.

a mole network Or wool in the garden or bed should prevent animals from digging. However, this is an “expensive issue” for large plots of land, Naboo reports. annoying 24 garden However, these webs also fall victim to mouse bites.

Usually all of the measures mentioned lead to success only after a longer period of time, reports say day 24. So you need a lot of patience if you want to get rid of moles. In addition, you should think carefully about whether you really want to campaign against beneficial insects, then in the end you can “take advantage of their advantages”.

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