Next week’s love horoscope: Make plans for the future together

Updated: 09/16/2022 – 10:56 AM

Love horoscope next week
In love: this zodiac sign is now making plans for the future

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Mercury is a problem for the signs of the zodiac, but some receive support from the love planet Venus and the dreamer Neptune.

It’s one of those weeks when we need strong nerves. Nothing works right away and above all things don’t go according to plan. Reason: Mercury has a finger in the pie. However, some zodiac signs are optimistic.

Mercury has changed its direction and is still retrograde until October 2, 2022. This astronomical phenomenon indicates that everything related to communication, exchange, technology and transportation is now difficult. In love, we slow down especially when we don’t find the right words and misunderstandings arise. After all, the two signs confidently move through the forest of love despite backtracking. annoying Love horoscope for the next week Get these two zodiac signs in the week of 19.09.2019 until 09/25/2022 Cheap love stars.

Next week’s love horoscope: Leo’s self-confidence can’t be shaken either

From Wednesday, you radiate so much self-confidence and composure that almost everyone approaches you. Enjoy these days to the fullest! The days when you can celebrate love bitterly have been few and far between this year.

On Friday, high love takes a short break, when the passion noticeably subsides. Use the time to introspect and develop yourself. This weekend, Venus and Neptune will give you love, romance and fantasy once again. What you give now comes back to you twice.

Love horoscope for the week ahead: find the right words

As a friendly air sign of Gemini ruled by Mercury, you, too, are influenced by retrograde. BUT: You have your ruler sign Uranus on your side as he is courting your Venus.

This means that the beginning of the week is full of bumps. There is a misunderstanding in the partnership and your fellow human beings do not make it easy for you. But already on Tuesday everything is forgiven and forgotten. This is when your love letters arrive as Venus and Uranus unite and give you a high love. You effortlessly succeed in persuading your favorite person to do the most daring thing. Whatever you enjoy, you should also make time for it on the weekends.

Next week’s love horoscope: You can dream together

On Tuesday, your favorite person likes to inspire you to do something that doesn’t really suit you. This makes your partner feel loved and taken seriously. A great foundation for a harmonious week.

On the weekends, when Venus connects with your ruling planet Neptune, you will feel completely in your element. Enjoy the happy times and can dream together and make plans for the future.

When one thing leads to another, you must be prepared and know both your erogenous zones and your heart:


Shy appearance or stormy invasion: The flirt sign shows that the signs of the zodiac are very different when it comes to flirting – and therefore also have different degrees of success.

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