Relationship: Those who do these three things are more likely to be left behind

Those who do these three things are more likely to be left behind

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In a partnership, we’re usually looking for love – something that lasts, maybe forever. But this is not always easy. We explain killer relationships that you should avoid.

In many cases, a breakup can hit us hard, sometimes unexpectedly. After all, you yourself assumed that the argument was part of it and that the other didn’t mistake you for not being able to spend time together again. Did we break up, but didn’t notice it ourselves? It may happen. According to a psychologist, these three problems often lead to the end of a relationship – but fortunately you can actually prevent and hopefully eliminate them.

What role do you play?

Partnership can seem happy and harmonious in your mind. If you do not exchange ideas regularly with: Your partner: in, you may miss the fact that this applies only to you and not to all the people in your relationship. Some things may seem unimportant to you, but not to others. For example, the emotional needs of your loved ones. It can happen that they run away from us, and this happens in every romantic relationship. However, it should not become a repetitive pattern that hurts the other person more deeply. We will show you the basic mistakes that you should not make in your love life.

3 mistakes that often lead to the end of a relationship

1. Underestimating priorities

A recurring problem in relationships is that both parties want different things in life. According to the American psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein, this is expressed as follows: for example, while one person is already planning the future together and wants to discuss everything in the long term, the other is not yet ready for this. Even if she loves the other person very much and can even imagine what she wants at some point. The partner who always sees the future and waits for a change in who he loves, and then becomes boring with time. The more often the topic comes up and the more people who don’t want to plan ahead but want to stay in the here and now, the more thoughts of separation begin to loom.

2. Lack of respect and emotional isolation

When we meet someone new, we do our best in the beginning. We ask a lot, we respect, we want to know everything and talk about our feelings. After a few years of relationship management, this pink-and-red state in which we connect more with each other can evaporate.

We’re no longer the best version of ourselves, but we are ourselves – and that’s all well and true in a relationship. We show ourselves with all our rough edges, and over time we take some things for granted, perhaps neglect our partner’s needs, and eventually get stuck in old patterns and no longer show enough interest. People change over time. But it is up to us not to allow ourselves to be affected so much that everything does not matter or we ignore two feelings: the other. If we do this for years and do not pay enough attention to the feelings of the person in our relationship and the necessary respect, then every partnership, no matter how successful, ends.

3. Poor communication

Fortunately, more and more people are talking to each other and talking about their relationships with each other, Bernstein said. People who don’t communicate properly with each other intentionally or unintentionally will often end up in a very unfortunate situation. Namely: “I’m going to swallow it and it will explode later.” One thing is for sure: the calmer, more open, and constructive partners can talk about things, the better. Otherwise, the list of ex-boyfriends will grow rapidly, according to the psychologist. The best way to treat it is to be kind, sympathetic, and respectful.

What can lovers do?

American psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein describes the main problem as follows: many people will eventually lose sight of one of the most important points – the presence of a partner. This often happens because people focus too much on their toxic thoughts in a relationship. Instead of tackling problems, people often distance themselves so they don’t appear weak. This creates distance between the two lovers and lack of communication is the last step that leads to the partner’s separation.

Bernstein always recommends treating your loved one well. No matter what happens in your life. Listen, be patient and respectful, as well as allow gentle gestures to flow to your favorite person… These are things that strengthen relationships and keep people together.

Source used: Psychology Today


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