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Tuesday, 04.10. / 17:00 noon

Protecting the climate with your own hands: learn how to ferment

With working groups agriculture, nutrition, climate and energy. Sauerkraut, yogurt, soy sauce, kimchi, salami and even tobacco – there’s more to fermenting food than just preserving it. The fermentation process creates probiotic nutrients and releases a special taste.

We want to test the tried and tested preservation method with you and give you enough knowledge to help you ferment your food at home. Feel free to bring your own Mason Jar! Registration is required. Feel free to bring your own Mason Jar! Registration is required.

Where: Café – Haus der Demokratie, Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152, 04277 Leipzig / For wheelchair users: Barrier-free

Wednesday 05.10. / 4:30 pm

Presentation and round table on the Atlas of Pesticides

The Heinrich Boll Foundation by Urte Grauwinkel. Pesticides have many consequences not only for the environment. In the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Atlas, data and facts about past and current developments, links and consequences for global trade and use of pesticides in agriculture are examined.

What are the health risks? Why does the European Union continue to supply the global south with deadly pesticides? Why do politicians ignore concerns? And what can we do to reduce pesticides? Urte Grauwinkel presents the current atlas of pesticides and asks us these questions.

Location: Cafe – Democracy House

Afterwards / 6:00 PM

Screening of the movie “Essen Different – The Experiment”

Eat Different – The Experience is a 2019 documentary film directed by Kurt Langbein and Andrea Ernst. An individual’s diet contains a share of carbon dioxide pollution equal to car traffic. In Europe, it consumes twice as much as the equitable global distribution of resources. If all people lived like this, a second Earth would be necessary.

Animal nutrition alone accounts for two-thirds of this. So three accompanying families decided to make their diet more environmentally friendly. You want to eat differently. The experiment just involves planting a field with those plants that an average person needs. In a subjective experiment, they start shopping regionally, consuming less meat and approaching cooking in a new way.

Location: Kinobar Prager Frühling, both at Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152, 04277 Leipzig / For wheelchair users: Barrier-free

Thursday, 06.10.2020 / 4:00 pm

Weed Walk – Treasures of the Meadow

Clara Belowitz explains the effects of local wild herbs. We’ll take you on an adventure from an ant’s perspective on an afternoon stroll through the meadow at Volkspark Kleinzschocher! You already know daisies, dandelions, and stinging nettles, but gersh, speedwell, and ground ivy are foreign words to you? Want to collect herbs for culinary highlight, but aren’t sure which green isn’t really toxic? Not a problem! Clara Belowitz explains the effects of local wild herbs. Registration is required.

Meeting point: Sommerbad Kleinzschocher, Küchenholzallee 75, 04229 Leipzig / For wheelchair users: Very accessible

Friday, 07.10. / 4:00 pm

Warm BBQ in the Grunau . Garden

A lecture entitled “Eating Habits and Their Effects” from AK Climate & Energy. You are welcome to bring vegetarian dishes with you. Sitting comfortably together and having a barbecue in Grünau’s VAGaBUND community garden, we soak up the autumnal vibe while enjoying delicious vegetarian food and drinks.

Here you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the active members of the garden group and have them show you the garden project. AK Climate and Energy also provides entertainment and conversation topics with a lecture on our eating habits and their impact on climate. You are welcome to bring vegetarian foods and drinks with you. Recommended donation: 4 euros. Registration is required.

Location: VAGaBUND Community Park Miltitzer Allee 2, Grünau-Mitte 04207 Leipzig / For wheelchair users: Very accessible

Saturday, 08.10. / 10:00 am

Meadow Rally orchard and apple presses

A terrifying discovery of the meadow followed by apple harvesting and juicing. The Margna orchard is located in the “Leipziger Auenwald” nature reserve and spans over 12,000 square metres. There are over eighty apple, pear, cherry, peach and walnut trees scattered throughout the region. Not only do they provide shade and treatments, but they are also an ideal habitat for both moisture-loving plants and animals.

With a little treasure hunting, we bring you a little closer to the meadow grove. All children who enjoy puzzles are invited! Then you will have the opportunity to harvest a few apples from the meadow orchard, process them with our mobile phone press and enjoy a glass of fresh apple juice. Registration is required.

Location: Orchard meadow Stahmelner Straße 37, 04159 Leipzig / For wheelchair users: restricted access

Saturday, 08.10. / 14:00

Guided tour of the Kleine Beete eV Solidarity Garden project followed by the Autumn Festival.

At the end of Thanksgiving Week, we have the opportunity to learn about Kleine Beete eV. Here, for a monthly fee, members allow each other to be provided with seasonal and regional cuisine, which is grown to the highest environmental standards. The association does not see itself as an anonymous organic fund (goods for money), but as a self-organized solidarity community.

You can learn how it works, how and where to grow vegetables and how you can take part on your own with a guided tour of the Solidarity Garden Project in Sahlis. There is also the possibility to visit the neighboring Ackerillia farm of Solidarity. After that, there will be a joint autumn festival, to which you are warmly invited.

MEETING POINT A little before 2 pm: Crossing Treesenweg / An der Schmiede, 04425 Taucha / For wheelchair users: hard to reach

Entry is free – donations are welcome. Program changes and more information about events can be found at:

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