Nosferatu spider bite: How painful is it really?

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Nosferatu spiders are increasingly seen in Germany. How dangerous is being bitten while carrying a spider?

Eight long legs, a hairy body with the characteristic brown dracula pattern, and a leg-to-leg extension of up to two inches: there is no doubt that this sight could only be a nosferatu spider. The dangerous fisherman originated in the Mediterranean region, and is now seen more and more often in our regions. Also in Heilbronn.

Above all else, the eight-legged Southerner seems to love warmth. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we find them so often in our apartments and homes. Recently, a couple returning from vacation found three large specimens in their home. Someone might even bite the pair while they’re executing, RP Online reported. But how dangerous is a bite from a Nosferatu spider really?

Nosferatu spider spreads: it can happen that “the animal sits on clothes”

Hubert Hofer, a graduate biologist from the State Museum of Natural History in Karlsruhe says, “A bite can happen from time to time. But that rarely happens. The animal does not follow anyone and then jump towards them. Humans must come into direct contact with it.” The animal is known to catch its prey by chasing it and then jump forward with lightning speed and bite, but it can So give everything clear – right?

The Nosferatu spider kills its prey by injecting a paralyzing venom through its bite.

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But it can happen that the animal “sits on clothes.” Even if it is a nightmare for many, one thing above all applies: keeping calm. “An animal doesn’t bite that fast.” According to the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU), the animal is not at all aggressive. Hoover himself had quite a few specimens in the demonstrators – so far no one has stung him. It takes time, eg a spider should really feel threatened.

Nosferatu spider bite: between a mosquito bite and a wasp sting

If it does (as in the case of a couple who just got back), the sensation of pain can be somewhere between a mosquito bite and a wasp bite. According to Hoover, you can definitely feel a “brittle tingle.” After all, the spider also has very sharp catching tools, which insects and other predators should be afraid of.

In general, according to Hoover, “Very few cases have been known in which an allergic reaction has occurred. To be exact, only one.” The qualified biologist also said that it is relatively unlikely that people will have an allergic reaction to spider venom. In addition Besides, he had doubts about some stories that it was really a Nosferatu spider bite.There are obvious differences that can be used to distinguish the Nosferatu spider from the original house corner spider, for example.By the way, they can also bite.

Paralytic venom: How dangerous is a spider bite really?

After all, spider venom itself is not dangerous for humans. Apart from the local effect, it will therefore not have any effects at all. On the other hand, it has a paralyzing effect on its prey, such as insects and other spiders, as the Nosferatu spider kills it by ambushing it, then catches it with lightning speed and injects the victim with poison with its fangs.

However, even if a person has been bitten, we should not forget that the Nosferatu spider is still a land animal that can carry bacteria. If the wound around the bite becomes infected and develops abnormally, such as swelling or heat in particular, the affected person should definitely seek medical treatment.

What do you do to avoid being bitten in the first place?

Hoover answers this question very clearly: “Leave the animal alone.” But Hoover also has advice for all those who get chills down their spines at the thought of an uninvited guest at their four walls: it’s best to grab an empty cup, place it over the animal and put a piece of cardboard or paper under it. Then you can “execute the creature”.

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