Xanten: Farewell to Reverend Wolfgang Wilnauer Rosick

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Reverend Wilnauer Rosick says goodbye to Xanten

Evangelist priest Wolfgang Wilnauer Rossik leaves as Xanten. On Sunday he gave his last sermon and made an appeal to the congregation. He became a new patron at Würselen.

Reverend Wolfgang Wilnauer Rosick performed a mass and delivered a sermon for the last time in the Anglican parish in Xanten-Mörmter on Sunday. Then the superintendent, Reverend Hans Joachim Weavers, relieved him of his duties. Several guests and parishioners attended the service and bid farewell to Willnauer-Rosseck and his family. On October 1, he will take the position of new pastor in the Anglican Congregation of Christ in Alsdorf-Würselen-Hoengen-Broichweiden.

In his sermon, Willnauer-Rosseck went on the story of the tax collector Zacchaeus from the Gospel of Luke and drew conclusions for today’s life. People like Zakka are often not liked, but they are needed, otherwise the state will not work. They would be hated when they were just doing their job. Willnauer-Rosseck campaigned for them to be more understanding.

In the Gospel story of Luke, Jesus approached Zacchaeus and visited his home. Wilnauer Rosick said this behavior is an “endless challenge” for many people. “We often encounter difficulties with this relentless dedication.” But one of the characteristics of the Christian community is that it accepts people. He encouraged those present to do so. “Approach people.”

Wilnauer Rosick said this behavior is only stressful when it is seen as a task, but not when it is seen as a personal situation. Both parties benefited from this – including those who came close to the other: for people who could not go to church on Sunday, to people who had to flee their homeland and came to Xanten. “What would be discovered if we were able to get close to others,” Wilnauer Rosick said. “We’re just as rich.”

He is leaving Xanten after a good 13 years. The Wefers thanked him for his commitment, strength, loyalty and love with which he has worked for the community and people of Xanten. Willnauer-Rosseck left his mark as a chaplain. “I did exactly what I preached today,” Weavers said. Willnauer-Rosseck turned to many that others had not thought of. He worked for the needy and for the people who fled here from other countries. As a result, many people were accepted into church asylum. He campaigned for this “because your faith pushed you,” even if it was hard. Guido Hone stated that Wilnauer Rosick had to convince the priest several times of the need for church asylum, stressing that “you have a sense of the people.”

During the service, Ulrike Reinemann also thanked the whole team and the children of the Arche Day Center near Willnauer-Rosseck. I made an astronomer’s photo – with all the children’s fingerprints. After the service, Xanten Deputy Mayor Peter Schneider and Pastoral Officer Matthias Heinrich of the Catholic Diocese of St. Victor Wilnauer Rosick thanked him for his work at Xanten. Heinrich said it was always a pleasure to work with him. As a result, the ecumenical movement was able to grow more in Xanten and “become a little more normal”.

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