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with Splatoon 3 The popular comic multiplayer shooter returns to the Nintendo Switch with a number of innovations in check. If you are new to martial ink or want to improve your tactics, you can visit our website Splatoon 3 . guide Helper, helper, helpful, benefactor Tips and tricks.


Start the campaign

Splatoon 3 wants to inspire multiplayer, co-op and solo

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Even before throwing yourself into a multiplayer battle, you should get Splatoon 3 single player campaign Take a closer look and complete at least a few tasks. The as a tutorial Learn basic controls as well as new weapons and functions.

Aside from the fact that the campaign is full of humor and has some exciting boss fights to offer. If you want to expand your movement’s repertoire and learn how to use new weapons, the campaign is the best option.


Get an overview of the situation

Screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing a clam fight

Diverse modes: in chance fight, you will get baskets

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Splatoon 3 offers many different game modes in multiplayer. Perhaps one of them suits you better than the others? In the war of influence is it about it, To color as much space as possible with the team.

Do you prefer goal-based modes? who are they dominance or tower driving Perhaps something for you that is important to control areas or move a tower to the opponent’s base. And then there will be that clam fightwhere you have to put shells into the opposing team’s basket – just like in basketball.

Baskets mean the world: Red Bull Half Court celebrates street basketball. Our documentary shows how the love of sports connects different worlds.

20 minutes

Own your court

The love of basketball brings them together. They are street rangers and this is their story.

Screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing the Turf War mode

Colors win matches. that simple

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Turf War is one of the most popular and crowded game modes. It’s about coloring as much space as possible on the floor with the team. Soil is the magic word because Only the floor area counts for victory. As you smudge walls and objects to be able to climb and move faster, these areas don’t count toward the final score.

To win, come back Horizontal map areas only. What has already proven itself since the first part: When drawing, don’t forget your team base. You definitely do not want to lose these points in a match.


Set the controls

Like its predecessors, Splatoon 3 can be played in several ways. For example using file motion control Nintendo Switch. Or, quite classically, aiming is also possible with a console.

In the beginning, take the time to try both types and find the controls you feel most comfortable with. You set this in the game options menu. While Some pros get along better with motion controlsThis does not necessarily apply to you.

Screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing a team of four Inklings.

Teamwork is the key to success. Always.

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All Splatoon 3 game modes have one thing in common: they are unlocked Team play Designer. Apart from the campaign, there are no individual options, so you have to work with your teammates and attack together or protect your comrades.

Or give them a hand with your ink so they can get out of tricky situations faster. Team play is the key to success. Talk to each other, whether in voice chat or Quick chat options.

With teamwork to succeed:UnlikeIt tells about Team OG and how friendship and unity led to the victory of the underdog in esports.

1 hour and 21 minutes


This is the story of five Dota 2 players who achieved the impossible.

Screenshot showing a character from Splatoon 3 in a color machine.

climax– Straight special abilities Based on the course of the match in Splatoon 3. 15 of them In a multiplayer game for the Nintendo Switch, which can decisively change the outcome of the game.

Basically: Activate special abilities when your meter is full It gives you the opportunity to use it reasonably. Saving Ultimates doesn’t make sense in most cases, especially since it doesn’t take long to ship.

Sliding into an area occupied by the opposing team on the back of a shark and coloring everything for your team with a splash of color can tip the scales. Moreover crab shell It is a powerful tool during ink broom It is a powerful support tool.

After all, the sucker blocks your opponents’ color, charges and then lets you fire a powerful shot that colors a large area for you. Very useful for supportive players.

Screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing Octolings

As an Octoling, you will be able to navigate maps faster

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the total 12 cards From the show Splatoon 3 Lots of vertical illusion with Various abbreviations and alternate methods installation. Therefore, it is necessary to accommodate each path of maps.

Always remember that you Dive to higher ground as a report Can smudge when vertical walls with your ink. This sometimes results in entirely new ways in which you can surprise and get around the opposing team.


Fill up your tank: switch to Octoling

The Ink serves as your ammo in Splatoon 3 And if the color tank is empty, you are easy prey. So always make sure Store the ink out of combat. you do that Swim as an octoling through the colored areas of your team’s color.

The goal is to find a rhythm in which you switch between the Inkling and Octoling modes to replenish your ammo and attack when necessary.

Especially as you move faster like the eight in your ink and reach higher areas. The Squids have also learned some new moves in Part 3 of the series. With the press of a button, you jump left or right of the opposing team’s color (squid roll) or jump after swimming over the wall (wall jump).



A screenshot of Splatoon 3 shows four inks with different clothes.

Get the look: clothes improve your skills

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In the game you can do different things Equipment and clothing Buy and invest it for you New passive skills Provide additionally Unlockable active skills Property. Some of these things increase your movement speed or reduce the damage you take from enemy ink.

Experiment with clothes and find the ones that best support your playing style, regardless of whether the outfit looks good on you.


Learn how to use Splatana

Screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing splatana mop

The new splatana mop has it all

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who – which splatana It is one of the new weapons in Splatoon 3. But if you expected the sword to be a pure melee weapon, you are wrong. Because that’s especially splatana mop she has The reach is greater than you might first think. With its charged special ability, the sweeper sword can travel a great distance and, in combination with melee attacks, covers almost all scenarios.

Not only is it an excellent option for newcomers, as you don’t have to ink strikes quite like with most other weapons. Be sure to try Splatana.

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