IRW News: Dr. Investor Relations: Dr. Investor Relations with Reuter: An Innovative Gaming Model: Fandifi Rewards Dedicated Fans with NFTs

IRW Press: Dr. Investor Relations: Dr. Investor Relations with Reuter: An Innovative Gaming Model: Fandifi Rewards Dedicated Fans with NFTs

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It was yesterday’s collecting cards – future fans are attracted to non-native tokens (NFTs). On the Fandifi platform, enthusiasts from ardent esports enthusiasts to dog show enthusiasts are rewarded for their activities like correct predictions with digital assets. The company expects high growth potential from this.

Canadian company Fandifi Technology Corp. He developed a special type of linked neural network. Fandifi broadcasts events of all kinds either live as a broadcast or the platform is embedded in other platforms as an app. In addition, fans can use the application in parallel with an event and connect with like-minded people around the world – for example on the mobile phone on the football field or at home in front of the TV. In addition, each user can become active and create their own event. By the way, access to Fandifi is free for fans. Organizers and content creators are also benefiting from a wealth of new possibilities. The Fandifi platform provides them with excellent opportunities to manipulate and thus reach new target groups and markets.

says David Vinokourov, CEO of Fandifi Technology Corp. In the interoperable and blockchain-independent NFT marketplace, users can later trade their rewards. Anyone who follows their favorite streaming provider or favorite esports team and wins a certain number of bets will be rewarded with a unique NFT, explains Fandifi’s unique model manager. An NFT can be a ticket for an online game or a concert, for example. Or a star photo of a baseball player or rock star – not just as a sticker to stick with, but as a one-off digital photo.

Polygon as a strong partner

Fandify Technology Corp. He works with Polygon. The company is one of the leading providers of expansion solutions in the cryptocurrency market. Polygon’s goal is to enable faster and cheaper transactions for Ethereum and other platforms. With OpenSea, Polygon also operates the largest market for NFTs.

Thanks to this partnership, we can create hundreds of thousands of NFTs – NFTs cost less than a cent and can be completed in less than a second, Vinokourov explains. This is an obvious advantage, because with traditional Etherum networks, the engraving process takes several minutes to weeks, and is associated with high costs.

The cost aspect is an important point for Vinokurov: our goal is to issue as many NFTs as possible in order to build a large global community. We don’t want to sell one NFT for 50 million dollars, we sell 50 million NFTs a month for 10 cents. In addition, Fandify Technology Corp. Plans to continue growing independently of Polygon.

Global networks enable exponential growth

Marketing and distribution partnerships help the company promote the platform with fan communities around the world. In addition to Yoruba Media, this includes blockchain specialist Blockgration Global Corp, which maintains large communities of blockchain and gaming users in India, the Philippines, and Indonesia. This is how the network is growing rapidly and exponentially: each new collaboration brings with it a large number of users. With a potential target pool currently of 2.5 billion players worldwide, the potential for growth is great.

Vinokourov sees additional potential of huge influence in the networks of fan communities via social media. Every minute, there are 164 million people on TikTok alone – an audience to be picked. Fendi is also benefiting from the continuous boom in the gaming industry, especially in online games.

The pilot phase begins in the third quarter, as Fandifi Technology Corp. You will initially focus on the sports and esports sector. In these areas, the company already owns the broadcast rights to the National Football League and other leagues. Expansion into other entertainment sectors is planned.

The vast horizon of possibilities and the business model, which is unique in this format, are aspects that make Fandifi interesting for investors interested in opportunities. The company is still in the expansion phase, but aims for profitability in the medium term. The stock is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange in Toronto and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN CA3024371088).

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