The Animal Within You – Creatures Inside (and Outside) the Mumok

Momok – Museum of Modern Art

Vienna (OTS)

60th Anniversary Exhibition of mumok

The opening of the exhibition The Animal Within You – Creatures Inside (and Outside) the Mumok It falls on the 21st of September, exactly 60 years after the day the Mamouk – at that time still under a different name and in a different building – opened its doors to the public for the first time. Since then, the collection, which includes about 90 exhibits, has grown to more than 10,000 works,” says Carola Krause, Momok’s general manager.

Almost five hundred works in the mumok group have to do with animals. A large number of them, complemented by loans from predominantly Austrian collections, can be seen from September 21 in the gallery designed by Momoc curator Manuela Amir and artist Ulrich Muller: Mr. Ber touch through the painting, The cat is excited exposed in the drawing, if griffo (Paw) makes the statue unsafe, slaughterhouses and zoos are scenes from the picture. In addition to a giant blue plush spider and images of the Batmobile and Bambi, there is also a monument covered in snake skin, a prehistoric skeleton and a container filled with pigeon dung. In the Vienna movement, slaughtered lambs are dealt with while Gina Bunny allows the worms to crawl on her face to the children’s “Happy Birthday” song. These and many other works with animals make up about five percent of the collection – a large number that raises the question of what kind of zoo the museum actually has. What is kept, researched, displayed, and transmitted here and there, all under the premise of protecting “freedom” (for art) and “wild” (for the animal world)? And for whose benefit?

exhibition The Animal Within You – Creatures Inside (and Outside) the Mumok It asks such questions. The visual arts and its passion for animals – in the form of pets, zoo animals, farm animals, stuffed animals, as well as in projections of feralism – sets the ground for reflection on the nature of sex, hunger and passion, family and gender relations, socialization, domestication and last but not least about the lasting impact of history. colonial. In other words: The animal in you He uses the animal’s popular attraction to negotiate structures of violence and domination. Who eats who? Who is driving from the steering wheel? Who calls who? But also: What’s up with the stuffed animals in “kindergarten”? What do aquariums, bird cages or knick-knacks do in the bourgeois living room? And what makes animal skins a fashionable and sexual fetish?

The exhibition is not about animals but more about bodies that move, stand still, lie, stand, bend or crawl. The animal figure represents a starting point for a physical understanding of art and life, not in a figurative sense – it’s amazing how bones, skins, furs and feathers have featured so prominently in fine art in the past 100 years.

The animal in you It sees itself as an exemplary task,” says Ulrich Muller, “not about the ‘best’ animal art or the most famous artists who have created artworks on the subject.”

Manuela Amir, curator at Momoc, explains: “In the Western world, ‘frame and tame’ is what we do to mark our region in both life and art. Against this background, the museum is not only a kind of zoo, but also a trap. What it ‘connects’ Us there also serves as a constraint, holding us captive in liberal human fantasies of freedom and independence.”

In addition to the various creatures that fill the gallery levels, a mural by Ulrike Müller slips between the architecture and the galleries: large areas in shades of gray above the gallery levels, partly defined by organic curves, partly by sharp geometric edges, which at distinct angles cut into the walls. What bodies do these mysterious abstractions tell us, whether they indicate a threat or the proximity of a benevolent existence remains open. In any case, they put the viewer in their body and point to points of view that lie outside the scope of the museum, art history, and this project as well.

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open house Wednesday, September 21, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Free admission

exhibition period

9/22/2022 – 2/26/2023

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