Five reasons we love public transportation

In the Corona pandemic, BVG and S-Bahn have lost a lot of passengers. In the end, the events were dominated by uninteresting topics such as the obligation to wear a mask on the train. It’s time to change that and find a simple way back to the old love of buses and trains, which should be dormant somewhere in every inhabitant of the capital, right? After all, according to the BVG motto, we are very much loved, with a yellow heart and so on.

Perhaps a car-free day on Thursday (22 September) will be a chance to get on board again. After all, all subways, suburban trains, buses and trams can be used free of charge throughout the day. The entire AB fare area is free from midnight to midnight. If that’s still not enough besides the usual other arguments like climate protection and energy efficiency, we have five more reasons for the public.

My Mobile Office: The Time Factor

Cycling is healthier, and driving is more comfortable. But travel by train! Traveling by train opens up entirely new opportunities to make good use of half an hour in the morning. After all, you don’t have to brake or steer, look and be careful. Someone else is driving the train, you can sit down and read the newspaper and listen to a podcast – or work a bit.

For many Berliners, the S-Bahn and U-Bahn have long proven to be a kind of extended office. Read the first emails in the morning, answer a few, talk to colleagues, and get ready for the workday: you can only do this if your hands aren’t on the steering wheel or the steering wheel and your eyes are sober on the road ahead.

Berliner Zeitung / Marcus Wachter

The first emails have already been answered: Managing time effectively when using public transportation.

In particular, the students show how the morning commute can be made use of by public transport. You can often see her browsing her vocabulary on the subway or browsing her college book. They arrive at their destination better prepared and therefore perhaps also: more relaxed. Greetings to the subway office! Manuel Almeida Vergara

Cruel Bus Driver: The Mustache Factor

Have you ever met a friendly one to three bus driver that legend says is in Berlin? I don’t, but what’s the point? With ads like “If you pass in the back, there are other passengers” or “The door doesn’t lock if you stand in the light. But it doesn’t matter, I have time” You can easily post ten Twitter entries per week and every word “please” or “Thank you” “It will only lead to confusion.

With all the fuss about the rude staff, many also ignore the high educational element of advertisements, the educational added value and charm, which often appears only at second glance. Bus drivers pecking jokes through their mic have more entertainment value than any stand-up comedian, they are as much a part of Berlin folklore as visiting the TV Tower on May 1st and the ruthless bakery saleswomen. It may not always be funny in individual cases, especially if you’ve had a bad day and then got interrupted or left standing.

But then you think of something beautiful that can only come from the lips of a Berlin bus driver. Dear passengers, you may use all doors. This is not an advent calendar here.” Anne Furringer

My Window on the City: The Trip Factor

Probably not attesting to a special knowledge of Berlin if one were to just refer to the famous buses 100 and 200. Certainly: the two lines are actually something like the cheapest type of sightseeing bus, and they pass pretty much all the sights – the TV tower, the cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate, Bellevue and back again. But there are many other bus and S-Bahn routes that offer great views of the city.

If you take an M29er, for example, you can see a lively Kreuzberg darting through a bus window; On the other hand, a ride on the Ringbahn gives a sense of the lush proportions of this city. And even underground, a train journey sometimes becomes an expedition. With U3 to the luscious, historic cellars of Heidelberger Platz Station or with U7 past, tile artworks designed with drawings by Rainer G. Rümmler.

If you’re still looking for a job that suits you – or at least a challenge for the next few months – you can plan to visit every train station in Berlin. Or visit each terminal to see what’s happening at Teltow Stadt, Königs Wusterhausen, Erkner or Hennigsdorf. Consciously travel by train, so to speak – the journey is the goal. Manuel Almeida Vergara

My daily craving: the adrenaline factor

As a suburban resident, I often cursed BVG. In the high north of Berlin, where the subway doesn’t come every three minutes, but never, where S-Bahn lines aren’t laid and trams don’t even run, you’re at the bus’s mercy for better or worse. More precisely, a single vector line. This is done every ten minutes, or if things are going well, not at all. Then the bus got stuck in a traffic jam somewhere in a big and wide city and never got to me, who I wait for at the final stop alone and deserted.

It's almost that time again: the best bus stop weather.

Sabine Judath

It’s almost that time again: the best bus stop weather.

There I can swear and scold as much as I want. In the end the app says something in +30 minutes and I have to walk if I ever want to get there. In wind, weather, summer and winter. At this point, I owe a debt of gratitude to the crowd: By the time I got to the nearest tram stop, I had another 2,000 steps on the clock and had completed a free fitness program that kept me young and dynamic.

It shouldn’t become chronic, but a few stress hormones just improve my ability to respond and get me to perform at my best. Long live BVG Adrenaline! Anne Furringer

Mobile Dating Portal: Flirt Factor

Admittedly, most Berliners don’t just associate a train journey with friendly get-togethers. On the contrary: raging kids, festive clubs, aggressive riders; Beer bottles already opened at ten in the morning, very busy men pushing and scrambling – often public transport like a powder keg about to explode. But sometimes, completely different sparks fly on the trains.

The fact that the train journey has a certain potential for flirtation is proven time and time again by Berlin love stories, which cannot always be dismissed as urban legends. Guys who use flyers to look for interesting counterparts on the Ringbahn and eventually actually find them; Women having a conversation with the cute guy sitting next to them at U7; Couples who met on the bus – you heard it all!

Of course, in order to experience a story on your own, you need a huge amount of luck. He just happens to be the go-to person among the naughty kids and beer drinkers. Another feature: a certain sensitivity. Especially in Berlin, not everyone wants to talk on the bus in the morning. The best way to establish discreet communication: a pretty look, a friendly smile. This is how you might work with the person sitting next to you. Manuel Almeida Vergara

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