Pictures show already dead and decomposing pigs

Animal protection organization Deutsches Tierschutzbüro accuses seven pig farmers of cruelty to animals. Pictures show catastrophic violations in factories. Prosecutors are now investigating.

Trigger warning: In this article, we address cruelty to animals. Also in the article are photos of infected pigs. If you have concerns that the topic may burden you, think in advance whether you want to read the article.

After allegations about animal cruelty The Prosecutor’s Office in Detmold and Münster is investigating several pig farms, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia. A spokesperson for the Prosecutor General in Detmold reported on Wednesday that at the beginning of July authorities had received video material showing animals with “wounds that were not treated or not treated properly”. “After watching the video material, there was an initial suspicion of a violation of animal welfare lawThe responsible veterinary office was operated in Libby County. The accused company will now be given the opportunity to comment on the allegations for a “supplementary evaluation”.

The Munster Public Prosecutor’s Office is also investigating possible violations of the Animal Welfare Act – against three pig fattening farms. Chief Prosecutor Martin Putzenhardt said the starting point were advertisements from the German Animal Welfare Office.

A pig with a bump on its head. (Photo: German Office for Animal Welfare eV)

According to his information, the German Animal Welfare Office has scary video and photo materials from seven “randomly selected” suppliers. radical grievances in pig farms Turns out the substance was leaked to the Animal Welfare Office. The provinces of Libby, Hoxter, Paderborn, Warrendorf, Steinfurt and Borken (in northwestern Germany) and the region of Hameln-Pyrmont (in Lower Saxony) were affected. In all cases, these are my suppliers Westfleisch company in Münster. With several million animals slaughtered annually and sales of billions, this is one of the largest pig slaughterhouses in Germany. According to the Animal Protection Organization, the meat company supplies all known supermarket and discount store chains.

The pictures show injured and needy animals

The video recordings, made in the past few months according to the Animal Welfare Office, show, among other things, the presence of pigs withOpen wounds, some animals injured and bleedingSome of them can no longer appear on their own. Moreover Dead or already decomposing pigs It can be seen among fattening animals.

Sometimes animals chew each other.
Sometimes animals chew each other. (Photo: German Office for Animal Welfare eV)

eg have hidden cameras At the supplier Westfleisch in Hessisch Oldendorf, Hameln-Pyrmont County, how animals in need were simply left to their own devices. Recordings are also shown Tails and ears stained with blood. Jan Beaver, CEO of the German Animal Welfare Office, criticizes: “It is a real horror stable, the animals suffer greatly and the operator simply does not take care of the animals.” The company participates in the Animal Welfare Initiative and has received around €200,000 in EU subsidies to improve the environment and animal welfare in recent years. “The animals don’t benefit from it, they suffer,” Beaver says.

A pig has an ear infection.
A pig has an ear infection. (Photo: German Office for Animal Welfare eV)

However, one of the main claims is that the pigs were taken with them when they were taken to the Westfleisch . slaughterhouse The defender is fading He is frankly abused. “Extensive use of an electronic shocker is prohibited by law for good reason, but at this company it’s clearly part of everyday life,” says Beaver.

Westfleisch is worried

The Westfleisch group of companies owns shocked About pictures of sick and wounded pigs and announced several procedures. “The recordings affect us too,” Westflich confirmed when asked by German news agency (dpa) on Wednesday. Allegations against pet owners are taken seriously and are investigated “with determination”.

Until all claims are finally clarified, we reserve the right Punishment measures up to and including termination of supply contracts”, stressed the company in Münster. “For us, the welfare of the animals we keep always comes first.” In principle, suppliers are regularly checked. Anyone who does not meet quality standards is excluded as a supplier. “Animals unfit for transportation and slaughter were And certainly not acceptable for slaughter in Westfleisch factories.”

Utopia says: Factory-bred meat doesn’t make animals suffer and pushes the climate crisis forward. It also takes human lives. One way to reduce grievances is to follow a plant-based diet.

Here’s more information: Study: Plant-based nutrition could save climate and human life.

However, if you can not do without meat, you should use regional meat from organic farms. Seals can help provide better guidance when purchasing. For example, for meat that has been awarded the Demeter Seal, at least 50 percent of the animal feed must come from the company’s own farm or from a regional co-op. If the meat comes from a nearby farm, it is worth asking where the feed comes from.

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