Who gives mice a chance? What this cute cat had to experience is incredible…

Mäuschen is eagerly waiting for a new home at the animal shelter in Berlin. animal shelter berlin

I’ve been writing about animals for years – I still come across bad stories, but there are also real highlights. I am especially happy when one of the animals from the shelter, about which I regularly write, found a new home. Here’s what happened to Penny that day: She was one of the troubled kids at an animal shelter in Berlin and was placed after an article in KURIER. I thought to myself: What worked with the cute lady dog ​​will definitely work again – which is why today I present to you another furry concern…

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Penny’s story touched the hearts of many animal lovers. “Penny is a very poor soul. The shelter said in a Facebook post that the lovely dog ​​bonds strongly with her caregivers and is very unhappy at the shelter – she screams and cries with sadness when she is not allowed to be with her family.” So a new home was searched for the bitch – and it was found! Benny now lives with a beautiful family in Lusatia and is happy to receive a lot of attention here.

Many children with problems are waiting for a new home at the animal shelter in Berlin

But there is another problem for the children at the animal shelter in Berlin. So this week I would like to introduce you to a particularly lovable cat named Mäuschen. She was rescued from an apartment by the police – and she was very lucky. Because when she was found, she was dehydrated and bone emaciated, it is said. “For a long time you may not have had any food or water,” animal rights activists from the Berlin animal shelter said.

Because of its history, Mäuschen has to deal with various difficulties.
Because of its history, Mäuschen has to deal with various difficulties. animal shelter berlin

In Valkenburg, the life of a cat was fought – successfully! “After a long struggle, she succeeded. After nearly a year, she has transformed into a well-fed little beauty who can finally move to her new home.” Problem: There isn’t yet a new home—but hopefully, like Penny, it will be found quickly.

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However, Motion’s past has left its mark. She suffers from diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, a malfunction of the pancreas. The good news: Both can be treated well with syringes and a powder that young mice feed on. “Mäuschen is very good when it comes to insulin injections and she is great at that.” Anyone who takes the cat shows everything in detail beforehand – and: “Mäuschen will be treated for both diseases free of charge in our veterinary clinic for life.”

Animal Shelter Berlin: Motion still struggles with its past today

It is also especially important: since the little mouse has obviously not been properly cared for over a long period of time, it is really shocked when it comes to food. “No crumbs are safe from them, they just throw themselves in the trash in hopes of getting leftovers,” says the animal shelter. “Because they are so voracious, it is very important to keep anything edible out of their reach – even sliding doors are not safe from them, and closed trash cans will be opened like a pro.”

Mauchin was cared for at the animal shelter and recovered from difficulties.
Mauchin was cared for at the animal shelter and recovered from difficulties. animal shelter berlin

A quiet home is being sought for your dear cat – “a big apartment with a safe balcony, people with experience with cats, because sometimes the little mouse has his moments: in one second she is cute, cheerful and cuddly, and in the other minute everything is too much she and she needs a distance and it turns out That clearly.” Given her background, that shouldn’t be particularly surprising. Therefore, young children and other animals should not live in the house.

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On the other hand, a safe release would be fine — but since she always has to get her medication on time, an unsafe release isn’t possible, according to the fancier. I hope the little rent finds a new home soon. And she can calm down after her traumatic experience. Interested parties can contact the Schillow-Haus 2 animal breeder at the animal shelter by sending a meaningful email to schillow2@tierschutz-berlin.de.

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