Children at risk in the Wesel region: an ‘exorbitant’ increase

Wesel district.
The Wesley County Administrator of the Child and Youth Welfare Committee warns: Sex crimes are on the rise, too. Demand: “We need more staff.”

Sometimes an adjective is enough to clarify the situation. One of those things, for example, is extravagant. Duden describes the meaning of the word as “extraordinary, powerful, formidable, formidable.” And when District Manager Ralph Bernsmayer says of the Children and Youth Welfare Committee, “We’ve got an exorbitant increase,” that’s when politicians stand up and take notice. This is what happened on Tuesday. There, the District Public Social Service (ASD) advanced its work, particularly regarding sexual violence against children and youth.

The District Youth Welfare Office is responsible for seven towns and communities: Alpen, Neukirchen-Fluen, Xanten, Sunsbeek, Honks, Schermbek and Hämenklen. There, the ASD handled a total of 371 cases of child endangerment in 2021, including about 30 sex crimes. And according to Ralph Berensmeyer, these numbers will rise significantly this year. By the end of July this year alone, the district’s youth welfare office had recorded 294 cases of at-risk children, according to the district manager in an interview with editors. The number of sexual offenses during this period was at the level of the whole previous year. However, it is assumed that the number of children at risk in the area of ​​responsibility of the District Youth Welfare Office will increase to about 450 by the end of this year, and that the number of sexual offenses will also increase compared to the previous one. general.

Field of work Sexual violence: the Wiesel region creates a new front

In this area of ​​tension, the area set up a new facade. Four ASD employees have been trained to become sexual violence specialists and are supposed to support their colleagues as soon as the first suspicions arise. They assist with case counselling, in discussions with affected children and families as well as with participating specialist committees and in seeking appropriate offers of assistance.

It is about communication and support, about relief, education and empathy, especially when speaking to children and young people who have become victims of sexual violence. Materials to support interviewing are currently being created and will also be transferred to the Social Services Directory.

District Public Social Service (ASD): the burden is high

Above all, it’s about speed – about quick assistance and quick data backup in order to make it safe in court and save those affected from having to testify again in court. Experts said at Tuesday’s meeting that cooperation talks with the relevant courts are already being planned.

There they confirmed that the ASD classmates were not left alone. After all, cases of sexual assault are a huge burden for them. In addition, there is an increase in the number of cases in all areas of ASD, which is explained by Area Director Ralph Berensmeyer. According to Bernsmeyer, the workload has been quite large for some time: “ASD is in its final stages.”

Director of the Visel region: “We need more staff”

The People unit at ASD currently consists of 15.25 positions, spread over 22 employees. The district manager declared that without additional staff, this work would not be possible in the future. “We need more staff.” This additional need must also be emphasized. “Politicians have to adjust to this.” Committee members indicated broad support. The work is very important, said Social Democrat Richard Stanczyk. “You should be assured of any personal support on our part.”

Apparently, Wesel County has no problems getting suitable applicants for the area. According to Ralph Berensmeyer, it was always the case that there were more applications than advertised jobs, including high-quality applications. “This shows that the region remains an attractive employer.”

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