CUISINE ELEGANCE SUMMER recalls products from its range. Here we will tell you what merchandise is included and why they are being recalled.

In Germany, each manufacturer is obligated to warn its customers of the potential dangers from their products. This can be done by withdrawing the commodity from the market or warning against (specific) use of the product.
for Kids Sports Bottle / Kids Sports Bottle , 300ml CUISINE ELEGANCE SUMMER issued a safety warning on September 02, 2022. We present the product from China and the published hazard warning for it in more detail.

CUISINE ELEGANCE SUMMER launches a recall campaign: these models are in focus

type products kids drinking bottle from category kitchen accessories Manufactured by CUISINE ELEGANCE SUMMER, but warning applies only to models 41986, 9057600253100000300 Kids Sports Bottle / Kids Sports Bottle , 300ml Regard. The goods are described as follows: “Bottles are made of different colored plastic with animal figures (such as a frog, tortoise and fish) on top of the cap, and they can be removed over the straw” You can find a photo of the article over here.

What is actually RAPEX?

The following processed information comes from the Rapid Information System Exchange (abbreviation: RAPEX). This is the European Rapid Alert System consumer protection, through which information can be exchanged from Member States on dangerous or potentially dangerous consumer products. The European Commission publishes a weekly report on current RAPEX alerts, which are summarized online.

The product warning on the CUISINE ELEGANCE SUMMER “Sports bottle for children / children’s sports bottle, 300ml” tells us these details

CUISINE ELEGANCE SUMMER contains a “Chemical Hazard” warning type, with Serious Hazards of Items being reported in terms of warning level. RAPEX shows the alert level in more detail. So it says here: “The product does not comply with the REACH regulation.” The manufacturer itself reported: “The plastic material of the product contains an excessive amount of Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) (values ​​up to 33% by weight). These phthalates may be harmful to the health of children and possible harm to children cause their reproductive system “.

Product recall in Germany – and now?

Concrete measures are currently being taken in response to the product warning. Goods are now recalled by the consumer. But what does that mean to you? The first step, of course, is to stop using the product. You can then do it from Re-Call Return the affected product to the place you purchased it. As a rule, you do not need a receipt for this and you will be compensated for the purchase price. You can learn about the different procedures from the company or point of sale. For other countries, there is currently no information on whether there is a warning for the article here either.

Product information at a glance

Producer model type(s) production time Summon Code Packaging barcode
Kids Sports Bottle / Kids Sports Bottle , 300ml 41986, 9057600253100000300 undefined undefined The product is sold with a colorful printed round folded cardboard label. undefined

For more information about the product warning, see over here.

What do you do in case of danger?

chemical hazards
The term “chemical hazards” refers to all those hazards that can be caused by chemicals. Chemicals can exist in solid, liquid, or gaseous form, or in mixed forms, such as vapors or aerosols.

Allergic reactions
Medications such as antihistamines and cortisone preparations can help relieve allergic reactions. If you have a stronger reaction, you should consult your doctor to be on the safe side. If you notice or experience a severe allergic reaction (sudden shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, vomiting) in someone, please contact emergency services immediately. 144.

+++ Editorial note: This text was automatically generated based on current data from RAPEX. If you have any comments or questions, please contact +++

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