Katherine von Steinburg in an interview about models and their exhausting shooting days

Living together in a blended family can have some pitfalls. But with “patience and love” everything can be done, sure actress Catherine von Steinburg. In the films “Annie” on the ZDF channel, she embodies a woman who falls in love with a married father – turbulent events are inevitable. In an interview, Katherine von Steinburg revealed whether this family model would be something for her personally and how one could live together harmoniously as a mixed family.

Following Annie – head over heels into life (2020) and the sequel “Annie and the Loaned Man” (September 15), the third installment of the unusual patchwork story follows on ZDF: “Annie and the Shared Happiness” (September 22), September 20 ): 3 pm).

What has happened on Annie so far:

Annie Freding (Bernadette Hervagen, 45) has had a baby with fitness trainer Raymond Adige (Eugene Boateng, 37) since a marriage crisis with Ralph Freeding (Thomas Lobel, 53). Ralph becomes the young boy’s social father, and Raymond also takes care of him as his biological father. When Annie and Ralph’s best friends, Tyne (Katherine von Steinburg, 45) and Nils (Manuel Ruby, 43), are almost desperate for their unfulfilled desire to have children, Annie suggests that her husband, Ralph, help out. Tyne got pregnant with Ralph, but unfortunately the two fell in love with each other. But since Ralph also loves Annie, they dare to take a step towards polygamy together. The third part is now all about finding potential rhythm for everyone in the difficult life of patchwork.

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Thinking about her husband’s “lent” to her best friend, actress Bernadette Hervagen in an interview with Spot on News, “Before the ‘Annie’ films, I would definitely say right away: No, I would never think about that. Man. Today I’ll think At least in the matter — am I really going to do that is another matter.” And what about Tyne actress Katherine von Steinburg? She also reveals her opinion on this in an interview with the news agency. It also offers some valuable advice about separation from children.

In the “Annie” films, the classic family image is turned upside down. What do you think of the basic idea?

Katherine von Steinburg: It’s great that our author Dominic Lorenz has the courage to break these boundaries and that we have the opportunity to show it to such a wide audience. I very much hope this is taken up in the sense that we are all open to new things. I don’t think it matters at all whether someone implements it themselves. Much more important is that we open the boundaries in our heads and look at each other with love and respect.

Can you imagine lending or sharing your man?

Von Steinburg: I ​​only know when I am in the situation and with whom I am in the situation. I can’t really imagine it, but like I said: It depends on everyone involved. And I can very well imagine that sometimes it is very difficult, but maybe you win a lot as well? In general, I think it is good to have the courage to try new things.

Are we all too suffocating?

Von Steinburg: I ​​think we can all practice tolerance and empathy and integrate that more into our lives.

Ego, jealousy and social morality are usually the main obstacles to harmonious coexistence after a breakup. How does one at least get a handle on the first two?

von Steinburg: I ​​find two things useful when separated from children: first, being aware of who we are as a loving ex-husband or couple and as parents.

On the other hand, it pays to focus on what is more important. And in this case, they are clearly children. Of course, this wouldn’t be completely without conflict, but it helps to step back sometimes and say, ‘Okay, I’m going to make that compromise now, or I’ll just ignore it because I know that if I did, it would be easier on my kids.

There is usually fear behind jealousy. It might be helpful to ask yourself, What is the fear behind this? Then I can learn to deal with it or face it differently.

The film also shows the massive patchwork balancing act. Do you know any families where they work and if so what is the secret of their success?

Von Steinburg: Yes, I know of mixed families where teamwork works. I think it, above all else, takes time to create synergy and find a way to engage with each other. Certainly, patience, tolerance, and giving are beneficial for this.

Write all the criticisms and accusations on a piece of paper and then burn it. What do you think of the “Hawaiian Ritual of Tolerance” you perform in the movie?

Von Steinburg: I ​​think it’s great weather and I think we can all do it more often.

Her role is conscious and not particularly meaty. How do you feel about it?

Von Steinburg: I ​​eat vegan and avoid animal products as much as possible. I also try to pay attention to my diet – sometimes I do better, sometimes worse.

What helps you relax after a hard day at work?

Von Steinburg: It’s quite different. When my head is spinning and I can’t turn off, going to the mountains is best for me. When I’m tired, I like to sit in a café and watch the bustle of the street. And most importantly, spending time with the people I love.

source: Spot on the news (Ele/Spot)

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