A declaration of love to…a young/new Romanian

Tingling in the stomach, an unexpected moment of happiness, a warm and pleasant feeling. It doesn’t always take a major event for this, rather these magical moments are often hidden under a cloak of habit and subjective evidence. “Declaration of Love” is our new column about appreciating what are supposed to be the simplest things in the world. With that, we build you a sarcasm-free place that you can snuggle up to when everyday life tries to steal the soft comforter of good mood. In this article, we talk about how to get lost in the novels of young adults and new adults.

Autumn has long arrived in Greifswald. What would be better in this rainy weather than lying in bed or on the couch drinking cocoa and reading a good book? This is exactly what I will often do before class starts. I mostly read kind of book Young people or new adults often. I will now tell about my newfound love for this genre.

Less than half a year ago I never thought I would write a love letter to Young/New Adult Romane. I’ve always walked right through this type of bookstore. “That’s too easy for me. It doesn’t challenge my mind enough,” I always thought at the time. But ever since I visited our small town library, I have jumped over my shadow and always take one of the books with me. I can do nothing else, because it fills me with pure happiness. I can only say: You hit me with a crush.

Before I delve into my newfound love, I should briefly explain what the genre is all about. You’ve probably outgrown the new youth/adult bookshelf in bookstores. There are books with titles Save meAnd the touch me. no. or Forever a part of you. Yes, there are all these books and many more, with less important titles. Youth novels can also be recognized by the fact that many of the covers are pink/purple/pink and shiny. It is very likely that it is designed to attract a more female audience. As the youth literary genre suggests, the books are about young people and their problems. Then there are new adult novels – the protagonists in their early to mid-twenties struggle to solve their problems. In the novels I’ve read, “young” and “new” overlap a lot as there are often two stories, one covering the teenage years and the other covering the late twenties.

What exactly fascinates me about this genre? It’s simple: these books are incredibly exciting. It’s always about love and attention, spoilers: books always have a happy ending! It’s a very welcome distraction in these times. Not only from current events, but also from stressful daily college life. You only know what you are getting. I laughed and cried a lot while reading these books. Despite all the tears sharing the excitement, love, and happiness that accompanied that he triumphed. This actually inspires me over and over again. But because there can never be enough love, many authors write a trilogy. It is rarely about the same spouse (usually heterosexual), but about the same environment or the same place. It’s then, say, the same boarding school, but it’s about a couple who are friends.

I’m still very new to this genre, but I already have one Favorite. Of course I don’t want to withhold this from anyone:

  1. Theoretical improbability of love by A. Hazelwood (my absolute favorite book of this genre (can also be found in our public library)
  2. book series the love by Rebecca Donovan
  3. Like the calm before the storm by Brittainy C. Cherry (also available in our public library)

advice: On Spotify, you can find many books of this type such as audiobooks.

I’m so glad I gave up on my arrogant class of just wanting to read cutting edge novels to be able to figure out what kind of new young people/adults are for myself. It makes me happy to read these books. That’s why I’m already looking forward to a new novel by Brittainy C. Cherry, in which I’m going to lie on my couch with a cup of cocoa.

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