On sign language day – ‘dog’ and ‘shin’ are not the same in sign language – kids

Sign Language Day – ‘Dog’ and ‘Shin’ are not the same in Sign Language – Kids – SRF

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September 23 is World Sign Language Day. Deaf sisters Ladina (10 years old) and Florentina (7 years old) give insight into their multilingual world.

Ladina (10) and Florentina (7) are sisters. Both are deaf from birth, as are their parents. Thanks to the earpiece, the two girls still hear little. They go to school in the village, play the cello and the flute, and dance ballet.

Playing the cello is my biggest dream.

At school and in their spare time, girls communicate with each other spoken languageAnd the So in audible language. Thanks to hearing, this is possible. Ladina and Florentina also read the other person’s lips and answered in spoken language. Since their mother comes from western Switzerland, the girls are fluent in German and French.

In the family and with other deaf people, they often communicate with them Sign language. Here, too, the girls master German and French sign language.

It is also popular with sisters cipher. These are the gestures that complement lip reading. In spoken German, for example, the differences in lip-reading from mother-butter-food are extremely small. When encoding, syllable, the lipstick of what is said is complemented by the shape of a hand close to the face and thus becomes intelligible. In this way, misunderstanding or ambiguity can be avoided.

  • Over 10,000 deaf people live in Switzerland, most of whom use sign language. There are an estimated 70 million people who are deaf worldwide.
  • If you sign, you will think of the pictures. Anyone who learns sign language learns new grammar.
  • Swiss German Sign Language knows five dialects: Zurich, Berne, Basel, Lucerne and St. Gallen.
  • There are more than 135 different sign languages ​​around the world.
  • Deaf people are allowed to drive because they orient themselves visually and often recognize a turn signal or blue light flashing in front of people who hear them.

SRF reports on Sign Language Day. Here is the programme.

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