Participants in love is king: all candidates and participants

  • What is the theme of “Love Is King”? Here’s the first info on the new show.
  • Olivia Jones will play the Queen. In the photo you can learn all about the lady from Hamburg, who now rules the princesses and princes.
  • Season 1 initially runs exclusively on Joyn before later showing on ProSieben. This is known for broadcast dates and airtimes.

Free yourself from Tinder, Parship and other dating apps in the digital age and feel like a real princess again, where romantic princes woo with grace and style? As of September 8, 2022, six nominees will fulfill this dream by the Queen of Love aka Olivia Jones in “Love is King”.

Five great princes are waiting for them. You can find out which participants are having an unusual dating experience here.

They are the candidates and participants at a glance

These candidates are included as princesses

All nominees: Portraits of princes

Prince Julian

Prince Julian is really looking forward to entering a new world and becoming a prince in Love is King. In normal life, the 28-year-old is self-employed and works as a real estate agent and lives in Hamburg.

The woman next to Julian should be warm and family-oriented. The road to the heart of a hamburger may not be so easy for the princess. Because when it comes to love, Julian is cautious and prefers to play it safe. What princess can handle and fall in love with the 28-year-old?

Prince Isaiah

So far, sports have been the great love of a business psychology student in Stuttgart, Jessica. The newly crowned prince loves to spend his spare time at the table tennis table and can be found regularly in the fitness studio. Perhaps one of the princesses shares these interests?

What matters to Jessia in a woman is that she gives him the freedom to imagine a future with her. A dazzling smile can also charm the 26-year-old.

Prince Stanko

Stanko is the romance between princes. He firmly believes in love at first sight and loves to go on dates with women in places they already know and where they feel especially comfortable. The guy from Waiblingen also loves to spend his spare time in his own allotted garden and plants roses there, which he may soon be able to give to his sweetheart.

But the 25-year-old has another side: he regularly goes to boxing training and strengthens his muscles there. The woman of his potential dreams shouldn’t just be happy about that. Stanko also wants to provide the princess with security and financial stability on his side.

Prince Rene

If one of the princesses decides to choose Rene, a kingdom awaits her, accompanied by the 37-year-old girl: the prince owns his own farm, which the foreman takes care of in his spare time.

Renee is more than willing to search for the woman of his dreams in Love is King. All she has to do is send him clear signals so he can make sure she finds him interesting too.

Prince Jerome

Jerome doesn’t think much about dating apps – he finds them very fast-moving and superficial. The 32-year-old from Duisburg wants to go back to his past dating behavior and wants to get to know women well before deciding on a relationship.

The prince loves to laugh around him with jokes. His partner shouldn’t take himself too seriously, either. Is the Right Lady Waiting for Jerome in ‘Love Is King’?

Prince Sadat

He would do anything for the love of his life: Prince Ladies wish he could read every wish in the eyes of his princess. Together with his future partner, he likes to be spontaneous and experience a variety of things. Maybe a princess will share his love for traveling around the wide world?

All nominees: Pictures of Princesses

Princess Karim

The 31-year-old Karima is an elementary school teacher and avid hip-hop dancer. Sports plays a big role in her life, because in addition to dancing, she also found her passion for swimming and playing ice hockey.

The prince of the dreams of the Frankfurt woman should pursue the same interests as hers and also be a good listener.

Princess Janine

Janine describes herself as a “little princess”, and fits perfectly in Olivia Jones’s “Love Is King” world. The 33-year-old special education teacher has not had any free time at the moment as she is in the middle of her law studies besides her job.

Of course, there are always free minutes for the perfect guy. But in Stadthagenerin’s eyes, the Corona pandemic in particular has ensured that dating has become more difficult and that no one has been able to win Janine’s heart yet.

Princess Julia

Julia is a true traveler, speaks five languages ​​and lives in Dubai and Australia. Meanwhile, the 29-year-old salesperson is back in Rhein in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The relationship with its prince should be characterized by mutual trust and respect. In the movie Love is King, Julia first wants to check if the gentlemen are serious about love at all.

Princess Louisa

Online dating is not fun for 26-year-old Louisa – in her opinion, very few men are interested in a serious relationship. The “Love is King” candidate hopes to have extraordinary meetings on the show and wishes for sparks to fly when they hold hands.

A man of Scandinavian descent can convince Luisa, because the Hamburg native loves Nordic countries and even grew up bilingual.

Princess Nora

If Nora could bake the man of her dreams, if he had the same interests as hers, he would be rock solid and would give her her personal freedom. Will the 33-year-old dancer and influencer from Leipzig find a lifelong partner in “Love is King”?

Anyway, Nora set herself some goals. “If you really love someone,” she says confidently, “then kiss, marry, pack up, take with me and never give again.”

Princess Rebekah

Rebecca, a 24-year-old hairdresser, writes poetry in her spare time. And soon she was able to dedicate some loving lines to the man of her dreams.

In order to find his way into Rebecca’s heart and her words, the Prince must appreciate her affection from the start. And when does someone get that affection from Rebecca? Well, maybe through one or the other of the lousy pick-up lines. North Rhine-Westphalia is very happy to collect these things.

Princess Mihrikan

In real life, when the Hamburg native returns home after retraining as a health consultant, she loves cooking and baking extensively. You especially enjoy trying Italian or Arabic dishes.

Mihrikan does not like the appearance of her future princes. Instead, she attaches great importance to some indolence in the relationship, which makes being together “easy and beautiful.”

Princess Patrizia

Sports are the centerpiece of Patrizia’s life, whether it’s pole dancing, or strength and endurance training in the gym. In addition to good behavior, the 25-year-old likes to have an open and humorous partner who does not pretend: “I don’t like it when you only pretend to please someone.”

Princes are already dreaming

“I take it seriously, I follow the rules, but I’m still me!” Jerome (32, Duisburg), the captain of the furnace, is reluctantly excited when he is instructed in the royal code of conduct by “Love is King”. Even the inhabitant of the newly minted castle puts a joke in front of the stern appearance of #LoveIsKing-Queen Olivia Jones: “I have the role of a prince with me!”

His royal rival Jesaya (26, a business psychology student from Stuttgart) could not take his eyes off his thoughts after turning into a prince: “I said to myself: Wow! Who is this Jesus? I don’t even know him yet.” And Stanko (25 years old, builder) dreams Main Roads from Waiblingen) back in the Middle Ages: “I have never ridden horses, but my grandfather had many horses. I think it is in my blood that I am such a good rider.”

Meanwhile, Prince Rene (37, head of the asphalt builder from Villen) shows more romantic undertones: “As far as I’m concerned, it could have started yesterday and I only hope to find my wife for life.” Together with Julian (28, Hamburg) he has to prove his sincere intentions: “Who among us would not be willing to risk being a prince or a king?”

Anticipation is rising

You can expect a lavish castle, draped dresses, silver-plated cutlery, and a very special collection of princes. Soon the Queen of Love, Olivia Jones, will turn six single women into real princesses to launch the new dating show ‘Love Is King’ exclusively on Joyn.

“To feel like a princess for once and to meet the man of your dreams in a beautiful dress in a magnificent castle is such a fairytale!” Elementary school teacher Karima (31 years old, Frankfurt am Main) excites before moving on to Love Is King Wealthy and hopes for royal dating success: “Partner should always be the cherry on the cake and I’m definitely ready for the cherry now!”

Her future castle roommate Julia (29 years old, sales representative from Rheine) is mentally looking for a dance partner with sincere intentions: “I am looking forward to the first ball evening. But at first I am still looking forward to seeing if the princes mean it seriously or rather flirt with all the princesses “. And law student Janine (33, Stadthagen) is already feeling royal sentiments in her daily life: “I’m already a little princess and I’m very excited about what the men will be there.”

Princesses in Hunting Fever: “Keep in, get married, pack up, take away and never leave again”

The fact that the “Love is King” castle doesn’t always have to be like a fairytale is obvious Luisa (26 years old, a hotel manager from Hamburg) explained from the beginning: “I like to flirt and when I know I like someone, I go straight to him. And when I notice that there is another person that the princes are interested in them, then I will be able to stand out.”

For hairstylist Rebecca (24 years old, Hückeswagen) On the other hand, royal dating rules pose a moderate challenge: “I like collecting really bad pick-up lines.” And the dancer Nora (33 years old, Leipzig) is already dreaming of her royal wedding: “If I really love someone, then kiss her, marry her, pack her up, take her with me and never give her again.”

Which princes will the princesses meet on September 8th on ‘Love is King’ exclusively on Joyn and later when it airs on ProSieben? Can they adapt to court etiquette in the kingdom of love queen Olivia Jones and successfully implement the royal dating rules? And who can discover the prince of their personal dreams at first sight?

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