How German celebrities celebrate their mothers

Homepage Famous From Kathy Hummels to Oliver Bucher “The greatest woman in the world”: German celebrities with sweet messages for their mothers German celebrities are posting sweet, partly sentimental messages on Mother’s Day – including model Lena Jerke, presenter Kathy Hummels and comedian Oliver Bucher. Overview. “Happy Mother’s Day, you wonderful mothers out there! You … Read more

Separation: How an appendectomy became a turning point in a relationship

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Ferrero recall: Is kids’ chocolate affected, too?

24RHINE life in the west the shopping creature: 05/11/2022updated: 05/11/2022 at 12:20 pm to: Oliver Schmitz Recall: A number of Ferrero products are currently being recalled due to the risk of salmonella infection. Does that include baby chocolate and baby bars? Cologne – After the main Ferrero recall, including in Rewe, consumers in Germany are … Read more

Where scorpions, spiders and snakes find a home – Fodder

If exotic animals are found or confiscated by the authorities, the Dragonshelter Society in Freiburg takes them in. At the clubhouse, the animals find a temporary home and, ideally, find a new owner at some point. Pascal slowly and deliberately climbs the edge of the glass, takes a few more steps and then sits on … Read more