Can the brain be rejuvenated? ‘Pioneering’ study in mice provides preliminary clues

Can the brain be rejuvenated?  ‘Pioneering’ study in mice provides preliminary clues

According to a study, cerebrospinal fluid from young mice can improve memory of aged animals again. This is what an international research team reported after numerous experiments in the journal “Nature”. The group led by Tony Wyss-Coray of Stanford University in California has identified some of the proteins responsible for this “regeneration”. Two experts wrote … Read more

Hundrunde helps animals in Romania

Hundrunde helps animals in Romania

meIn Europe there are several million street dogs. They lack water, shelter and medical care. The dog group Luis Kesten & Fabio Lehnert GbR, founded in 2019, helps suffering dogs in Romania; The situation there is particularly bad. The social startup wants to show that money can be made in a social and environmentally friendly … Read more

Dog in NRW: “A Special Emergency” – Border Collie Looking for Love

Dog in NRW: ‘Special emergency’ – staff can’t believe what this fur must have been through The story of the dog Hanna is very cruel and sad The story of the dog Hanna is very cruel and sad Bitch Hanna from the animal shelter in Gelsenkirchen went through a horrific ordeal. Previous owners have badly … Read more

Munich: cultural and entertainment tips from Sharon von Wettersheim – Munich

Animals are important to Sharon von Wettersheim. She was born in America and has four dogs and is the founder of the Animal Welfare Organization. She also deals with them professionally: on May 26, the horse movie “Imenhof – The Great Promise” will be shown in cinemas, which is already the second update of the … Read more

Animal rescue in Hattingen: cats are looking for a home

The hatred Protection of cats Hattingen looking for owners of cats. Others are looking for a new home. Where do cats come from, what character do they have. ‟Lfoou jio xjslmjdi lfjofs@”- gsbhu efs Lbu{fotdivu{ Ibuujohfo wfsxvoefsu jo efo tp{jbmfo Nfejfo/ Efoo vowpstufmmcbs jtu gýs ejf Blujwfo- ebtt ejftfo ‟mjfcfo- tdinvtjhfo- wfstqjfmufo Usbvnlbufs” ojfnboe wfsnjttu/ … Read more

Sleep: It’s really weird how some animals spend the night

Updated: 05/13/2022 – 21:27 A paw in a paw, in a wild handful, in a sticky cocoon Sleep: funny how some animals sleep Photo: Getty Images / Tim Graham Did you know that seals roost in water and on land? How do animals still sleep like this? Some animals have really weird sleeping habits: did … Read more

Regeneration: ‘Little cerebrospinal fluid’ improves memory in old mice

Science Brain regeneration? ‘Little cerebrospinal fluid’ improves memory in old mice Status: 2:13 pm | Reading time: 4 minutes Source: Getty Images A study suggests that the aging brain can be regenerated. In a study, cerebrospinal fluid taken from young mice improved the memory of elderly animals. The authors talk about a “pioneer study” – … Read more

What does puppy socialization mean?

At this stage (from week eight to week sixteen) the puppy should get to know people, animals, and different types of dogs. It’s the process of introducing your puppy to new impressions, adventures, and experiences. For example: sounds, places, weather and other creatures. It’s about mastering new situations with confidence. In addition, these animals are … Read more