Vacation program from Moerser Musenhof: this is what children can expect

Moyers. The Grafschafter Musenhof vacation program begins in the second half of the summer vacation. Everything this year revolves around the theme of light. Fjo Nboo tufiu- bvthftubuufu nju fjofn csbvofo Vniboh- fjofs Tubohfoxbggf nju nfubmmfofs Tqju{f voe fjofs lmfjofo Mbufsof- jn =tuspoh?Hsbgtdibgufs Nvtfoipg=0tuspoh?/ ‟Jdi lpnnf hfsbef wpo nfjofs Obdiutdijdiu”- tbhu fs voe tufmmu tjdi … Read more

Bedia Kara of Wachtendonk fights for her three children.

July 1, 2022 at 12:12 pm family struggle : Wachtendonkerin fights for her children Pedia Kara’s fight for her children now fills a number of file folders. The 47-year-old wants her sons and daughter back. Photo: Klat What are you waiting for? Bedia Kara has not seen her two sons in nearly two years, and … Read more

Brandenburg Family Compass: Summer Vacation – What offers are there for children and youth in Pisko and the surrounding area?

Whether it’s paintball, nature education, swimming trips or go karting, there are inexpensive supervised recreational activities for every age and every taste in Beeskow and the surrounding area. There are limited places for some shows, so early registration is essential. Other excursion destinations invite spontaneous visits. Corn maze and supervised play Irrlandia near Storkow will … Read more

Campus class Süderbrarup: When inclusion is not featured | – News

Status: 06/30/2022 9:15 PM Children with disabilities learn either individually in regular schools or separately in special needs centers. The campus segregation concept combines the two: all children can learn and play together. by Vera Pfister He must paint all the words in yellow “G”, those with a small green “G”, and those without a … Read more

Regula Lehmann: Protecting children from abuse

Ms. Lehmann, how prevalent is child abuse in society today? Unfortunately, child sexual abuse is still prevalent and occurs in every social class. In Switzerland, we assume that about every seventh child has experienced sexual violence involving physical contact by children or adults at least once. In 2020, 1,257 cases of child sexual acts were … Read more

Epidemic: Socially disadvantaged children particularly suffer / DAK Prevention Radar …

06/30/2022 – 09:17 Health DAK Hamburg (OTS) Socially disadvantaged students are particularly suffering during the Corona period. Affected boys and girls suffer significantly more from negative changes in their quality of life caused by the epidemic than all comparison groups. This applies to life satisfaction, health and psychological well-being. In particular, more and more children … Read more