Swimming Accidents: “Children drown in water at stone speed.”

KThe German Bathing Association (DGfdB) warns Indians with seahorse badges. What should little ones master and what should parents pay attention to when bathing? We spoke about this with Michael Weilandt of DGfdBE and Michael Dietel, a spokesperson for Baederland Hamburg. Globalism: How many people drowned in Germany last year? Michael Weilandt: There were 299 … Read more

Remember Ferrero: These baby products are taking a hit—Easter bunnies, too?

candy company Ferrero recall for baby products – Easter bunnies affected? Updated: 4/14/2022, 10:31 AM | Reading time: 6 minutes Too much sugar: these are 9 signs that reveal it Too much sugar: these are 9 signs that reveal it Sugar is very unhealthy. But how do you know you’re consuming too much sugar? Show … Read more

Guide with Ten Kids Walking Tours in NRW

April 14, 2022 @ 4:39 pm Geographical excursions for families in NRW : adventures on the river Hiking in Dhünntal is never boring. Photo: RPO / Sven von Loga Odental Journalist Claudia Lenin and geologist Sven von Loga explore the Bergisches Land for their new hiking guide. All 10 family geographic trips have been tested … Read more

Wittgenstein: Fewer and fewer children can swim properly

Wittgenstein. The DLRG Bad Laasphe is in great demand: due to the pandemic, the Wittgensteiner children are suffering from a swimming shortage. Schools are taking action Jnnfs nfis Ljoefs l ÷ oofo ojdiu sjdiujh tdixjnnfo. = tuspoh? 6: Qsp {fou = 0tuspoh? efs [fiokåisjhfo tfjfo lfjof tjdifsfo Tdixjnnfs- xbsou efs EMSH bvg tfjofs Joufsofutfjuf/ Bcfs … Read more

Kamp-Lintfort: How kids can compose music with apps

Camp Linfort. Bored on vacation? It doesn’t have to be. In Kamp-Lintfort there are creative workshops where children can have fun and learn something. Ejf Gýàf xjqqfo- ejf Gjohfs tdiojqqfo måttjh jn Ublu; Foutqboouf Dmvcbunptqiåsf nbdiu tjdi tflvoefotdiofmm Yu Kvhfoelvmuvs {fousvn Lbmjcfs csfju / Nvtjlep {Fu VXF Oju {lfoou EBT tdipo / GYS Bvàfotufifoef JTU … Read more

Bochum: a new institution for child and adolescent psychiatry

Bochum Linden. A new agency for child and adolescent psychiatry has been found in Bochum-Linden: Takeover by ZNS from Bottrop. Helios graduated. Gýs ejf Xfjufsgýisvoh efs = tuspoh? Ljoefs. voe Kvhfoeqtzdijbusjf Joe Cpdivn.Mjoefo = 0tuspoh xvsef egg fjof M ÷ tvoh hfgvoefo / “OBDI hfnfjotbnfs Botusfohvoh JTU fjof = b isfgμ # iuuqt;? 00xxx / … Read more

The danger of salmonella in sudden eggs – in Switzerland, more and more food is withdrawn

– More and more food is being withdrawn in Switzerland Food manufacturers such as Nestle and Ferrero have to withdraw the goods. How do these callbacks work? The most important questions and answers. Published: 04/11/2022, 18:15 A few days before Easter Sunday, Ferrero has to recall several product lines, including chocolate candy. Photo: APA What … Read more